Yi Xin Design & Renovation

Yi Xin Design & Renovation

Yi Xin Design & Renovation

In the vast landscape of interior design firms, one gem stands out: Yi Xin Design & Renovation. Regarded as a rising star in the Singaporean interior design scene, this company has been gaining attention for its innovative approach and impeccable craftsmanship. Amidst the plethora of options available, choosing the right firm to entrust with the task of redesigning one’s living space or revamping an office can be a daunting endeavor. With Yi Xin Design & Renovation, however, clients can rest assured that they are in capable hands.

Yi Xin Design & Renovation’s showroom is situated at 39 Woodlands Close, #02-28, Mega@Woodlands, Singapore 737856. They can be reached via phone at +65 6100 6651 or contacted by email at [email protected]. For more information about their services, you can visit their website at yixinrenovation.com.

Introducing Yi Xin Design & Renovation

Yi Xin Renovation firmly believes that great design goes beyond just looking good; it’s about optimizing space and saving costs. Their approach focuses on enhancing aesthetics while delivering functional benefits, ensuring that every homeowner receives tangible value from their investment. One of their key strategies involves directly managing a professional construction team, effectively eliminating site management challenges and ensuring the seamless execution of each project.

Moreover, the company takes pride in its comprehensive after-sales service, prioritizing homeowner satisfaction and peace of mind long after the project’s completion. Yi Xin Renovation has carved out a distinct niche in the home improvement sector by targeting refined market segments and continually pushing for advancements. Their dedication lies in providing tailored design solutions, offering clients the best value through their all-inclusive renovation services.

Above all, Yi Xin Renovation is driven by a mission to fulfill customers’ desires for a joyful living space. They firmly believe that outstanding renovations stem from intuitive designs, striving to exceed expectations and create spaces that inspire happiness and contentment.

Services Offered

Mesh Room Design offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients:

  1. Design Consultancy: Providing personalized guidance, Mesh Room Design tailors their approach to each client’s unique vision.
  2. Conceptual Design & Development: Skillfully transforming initial ideas into actionable design concepts, they lay the groundwork for successful projects.
  3. Design & Build: Offering comprehensive turn-key solutions, Mesh Room Design manages every aspect of the project from inception to completion, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients.
  4. Non-obligation Defect Checklist: As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, Mesh Room Design extends a complimentary defects check during site surveys, particularly beneficial for homeowners who have just received their home keys.
  5. Space Planning & Furniture Layout Planning: Prioritizing efficient and strategic space utilization, Mesh Room Design ensures that every square foot is maximized to its full potential.
  6. 3D Perspective Drawings: Bringing ideas closer to reality, Mesh Room Design translates 2D layouts into detailed 3D visualizations, allowing clients to visualize the end result before construction begins.
  7. Material & Colour Proposals: Leveraging their expertise, Mesh Room Design offers material suggestions that align with clients’ budget and aesthetic preferences, without compromising on quality.
  8. Furnishing Proposals: From selection to installation, Mesh Room Design oversees all aspects of furnishing, ensuring a cohesive and stylish end result.
  9. Project Management & Site Supervision: Committed to adherence to regulations and timely completion, Mesh Room Design ensures that all projects comply with HDB, BCA, and relevant regulations, with meticulous project management and site supervision throughout the process.

Yi Xin Design & Renovation Awards and Credentials

Yi Xin Design & Renovation boasts several notable awards and credentials, including being ACRA-registered and HDB-registered, which signify their legitimacy and adherence to professional standards. Moreover, they hold a prestigious QANVAST 5.0 star client satisfaction rating, a testament to their commitment to excellence and their ability to consistently deliver high-quality service that exceeds client expectations. These accolades and credentials further solidify Yi Xin Design & Renovation’s reputation as a trusted and reputable player in the interior design industry.

Yi Xin Design & Renovation FAQs

Where is the company’s Showroom?

The company’s showroom is located at 39 Woodlands Close, #02-28, Mega@Woodlands, Singapore 737856.

Are they HDB Registered?

No, the company is not HDB-registered, but its sub-contractors are HDB-licensed.

What is the company’s interior design style?

Yi Xin Design & Renovation adopts a versatile approach to interior design, balancing aesthetic beauty with functionality. While they may not adhere strictly to one design style, their focus leans towards a balance between the clean, uncluttered aesthetics of minimalism and the practical, comfortable living spaces associated with modern design.

What type of spaces does the company specialize in?

Yi Xin Design & Renovation specializes in transforming various types of spaces, including HDB flats, condos, and landed properties, into beautiful and functional homes. They excel at maximizing space in HDB flats while complying with regulatory requirements and offering creative solutions. In condos, they create luxurious and personalized living spaces, while for landed properties, they focus on enhancing property value and lifestyle through bespoke design solutions.

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