Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd

Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd

Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd

Embark on a journey through the world of interior design with a focus on Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd, a distinguished name synonymous with personalized elegance. This Singapore-based interior design company specializes in enhancing both residential and commercial spaces, enriching them with a touch of style and opulence. With a commitment to crafting bespoke designs, Vivre stands out as a premier interior design firm in Singapore, ensuring that each project reflects the unique lifestyle and requirements of its clients. Whether it’s the dream of a chic home or the vision of a dynamic commercial establishment, Vivre’s expertise offers a promising solution to fulfill those aspirations.

Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd, operating under the HDB Directory Number HB-09-5470C, is located at 2 Pereira Road, #03-01, 2ConnecTT@TS, Singapore 368024. They can be contacted via phone at 6312 3688 or reached through email at [email protected]. For more information about their services, one can visit their website at

Introducing Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd

Vivre is committed to crafting stylish and luxurious homes in Singapore, with a focus on personalized interiors that cater to individual lifestyles. They meticulously consider their clients’ preferences and practical requirements, ensuring that the spaces they create are not only elegant but also a true reflection of their clients’ visions. Drawing inspiration from the craftsmanship of skilled artisans, Vivre seamlessly integrates elegance into the narrative of each space they design.

Central to Vivre’s ethos is their vision to cultivate lifelong loyalty among their clients by consistently delivering exceptional value and impeccable workmanship in every project they undertake. Their mission revolves around enriching lives through innovative and exceptional ideas, paired with practical and adaptable planning tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Vivre actively engages in idea expression, welcomes constructive feedback, and approaches their projects with thorough consideration, planning, and management. Operating with a solution-oriented mindset, they diligently measure results to ensure success in a fiercely competitive industry.

Services Offered

Vivre offers a range of comprehensive services tailored to meet diverse needs:

  1. Home & Decor: Vivre specializes in curating luxurious living experiences by designing interiors that are tailored to individual tastes. Whether it’s a modern minimalist aesthetic or a classic opulent style, they excel in translating clients’ visions into stunning reality.
  2. Space Planning: With a keen eye for detail, Vivre crafts thoughtful layouts that optimize both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Each space is meticulously planned to ensure seamless flow and maximum utilization, enhancing the overall living or working experience.
  3. Renovation: Vivre provides meticulous renovation services that align perfectly with clients’ visions. From minor upgrades to complete transformations, their team of experts ensures attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, resulting in spaces that exceed expectations.
  4. Commercial Design: Vivre also specializes in designing commercial spaces that strike the perfect balance between form and function. Whether it’s an office, retail outlet, or hospitality establishment, they bring creativity and practicality together to create environments that leave a lasting impression on clients and customers alike.

Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd Awards and Credentials

Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd boasts a series of accolades and credentials that underscore their commitment to excellence:

  1. ACRA-registered: As a registered entity with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Vivre adheres to legal standards and operates with transparency and accountability.
  2. HDB-registered: Vivre is registered with the Housing & Development Board (HDB), showcasing their capability to undertake projects in public housing estates and comply with HDB regulations.
  3. BCA-accredited: Being accredited by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) reflects Vivre’s adherence to industry standards and best practices in the construction and interior design sectors.
  4. 9.2 client satisfaction rating in Vivre’s outstanding client satisfaction rating on, a reputable review platform, highlights their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and exceeding client expectations.

Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd FAQs

Where is the company’s Showroom?

The company’s showroom is located at: 2 Pereira Road #03-01 2Connectt@TS Singapore 368024.

Is the company HDB Registered?


What is the company’s interior design style?

The company masterfully blends luxury with functionality, delivering designs that resonate with each client’s unique needs and tastes. They specialize in turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary living experiences.

What type of spaces does the company specialize in?

The firm specializes in the design and transformation of both residential and commercial spaces.

What is an ACRA-registered interior design company?

An ACRA-registered interior design company is a company that is officially registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). This registration lends credibility and legitimacy to the company, allowing it to conduct business in Singapore. However, it does not necessarily denote any specific qualifications or standards in the field of interior design.

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