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The Scientist

The Scientist, located at 114 Lavender Street, 06-86 CT Hub 2, Lift Lobby 2, Singapore 338729, is a hub for scientific enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a focus on providing quality products and services, The Scientist aims to cater to the needs of its customers in the realm of science and technology. Whether one is a researcher, educator, or simply curious about the latest advancements, The Scientist offers a range of resources to support their journey. From laboratory equipment to educational kits, the showroom showcases a variety of tools and materials essential for scientific exploration. Customers can also reach out to The Scientist via phone at +65 6743 0363 or email at [email protected] for inquiries and assistance. Additionally, for more information and updates, individuals can visit The Scientist’s website at

Introducing The Scientist

The Scientist Pte Ltd, an interior design firm based in Singapore, is renowned for its innovative approach to interior design. Specializing in creative design solutions, The Scientist takes on each project with a comprehensive approach, managing everything from initial planning to project completion. At the heart of The Scientist’s philosophy is the belief that there are no fixed rules in design. Instead, they prioritize passion and a relentless pursuit of innovation. This core principle guides their work, ensuring that each project is approached with fresh ideas and creativity, resulting in unique and inspiring spaces for their clients.

Services Offered

The Scientist offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to diverse interior design needs. Their offerings include interior design services, consultations, design & build solutions, space planning, and project management. While this list highlights their primary services, it’s important to note that The Scientist’s expertise extends beyond these areas. Clients are encouraged to reach out to The Scientist’s team for a complete list of services and packages, tailored to their specific requirements.

The Scientist FAQs

  1. What is the number of showrooms owned by The Scientist?
    The Scientist operates one showroom situated at 114 Lavender Street, 06-86 CT Hub 2, Lift Lobby 2, Singapore 338729.
  2. What is the procedure for inquiring about The Scientist’s services?
    To inquire about The Scientist’s services, you can contact them through their official website or the provided contact information above.
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