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Supersketch Designers

Explore the remarkable skills of Supersketch Designers, a respected interior design company situated in Singapore. Recognized for its distinctiveness and quality, Supersketch Designers creates tailored interiors through collaborative efforts with clients, grasping their aspirations, character, and way of life. Through unwavering commitment to detail, every endeavor reveals a personalized design employing top-notch materials that seamlessly enhance the clients’ daily experiences.

Introducing Supersketch Designers

Supersketch Designers Pte Ltd, located at 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Building, #3-14, Singapore 408868, can be reached at +65 8797 4446 or through email at [email protected]. They are at the forefront of the industry, specializing in luxury residential and commercial interior design. Their expertise lies in crafting bespoke furniture and captivating feature walls, adding a personalized touch to each project. With a mastery of modern industrial and modern luxurious design concepts, Supersketch Designers prioritizes practical and elegant solutions, ensuring versatile living spaces that meet the unique needs of their clients. For more information, visit their website at

Supersketch Designers takes great pride in delivering exceptional luxury designs paired with unparalleled services. Their team of talented multi-disciplinary designers boasts a collective experience of 20 years across Singapore and Malaysia. With a successful track record in crafting high-end interiors for both residential and commercial projects, Supersketch Designers ensures that functionality and aesthetics are always prioritized.

Recognizing that individuals lead dynamic lives, assuming various daily roles, Supersketch Designers specializes in designing spaces that cater to these ever-changing needs. They excel in creating multi-purpose environments that seamlessly accommodate living, working, and leisure activities, striking a perfect balance between form and function.

At Supersketch Designers, the transformation of dreams into reality is a central focus. Their dedicated interior design team works closely with clients to understand their aspirations and desires, translating them into captivating realities. Through a combination of creativity and expertise, Supersketch Designers ensures that your dream home becomes a true masterpiece of design.

Services Offered

Supersketch Designers provides a comprehensive array of services, encompassing top-notch interior design and consultancy. Their team of interior design professionals offers expert guidance and meticulous attention to detail, customized to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Featured Projects

Residential Interior Design:

  1. SkyVue: SkyVue represents a modern industrial home tailored for a family of three, comprising two extroverted and sporty parents. The design incorporates custom-made furniture and clever storage solutions to accommodate their active lifestyle seamlessly.
  2. 222 Interlace: 222 Interlace embodies modern luxury with an elegant touch, featuring vinyl flooring and meticulously redesigned bathrooms and kitchen. This captivating home is designed for a family of three, exuding sophistication in every detail.
  3. Serangoon Garden Terrace: Serangoon Garden Terrace showcases a modern contemporary design for a successful insurance couple and their two children. The interior palette revolves around a soothing monochrome scheme, complemented by exquisite textures such as marble and wall paneling, creating a harmonious living space.

Commercial Interior Design:

  1. Vertex Showroom: The Vertex Showroom presents a captivating fusion of contemporary and modern luxe styles, emanating warmth and luxury. With dark wood accents, intricate marble detailing, and touches of gold, this showroom exudes an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a five-star hotel lobby.
  2. Greendot Singapore: Greendot Singapore embraces minimalistic elements, offering a sleek and modern ambiance for its food chain outlet. Warm lighting complements the lush greenery wall at the entrance, creating a serene atmosphere for diners to enjoy healthy meals with their loved ones. Innovative use of space and textures further enhances the dining experience, making it a tranquil retreat in the bustling city.

Supersketch Designers Credentials

Supersketch Designers go beyond traditional interior design; they serve as trusted professional consultants. Their mission is to thoroughly comprehend each client’s unique preferences and aspirations, providing a personalized experience that exceeds expectations.

As an HDB-accredited firm, they adhere to high standards of quality and professionalism in their work.

Supersketch Designers FAQs

  1. Why choose Supersketch Designers?
    Opt for Supersketch Designers to experience unparalleled bespoke interior designs, where each project is meticulously tailored to meet your unique requirements and preferences. Their dedication to crafting multi-purpose spaces ensures that your home embodies the essence of your lifestyle.
  2. Can Supersketch Designers handle both residential and commercial projects?
    Certainly! Supersketch Designers brings extensive expertise in delivering exceptional results for luxury residential and commercial interior design projects, catering to a diverse clientele with varying needs.
  3. How do Supersketch Designers ensure timely project delivery and budget adherence?
    Supersketch Designers employs an efficient project management approach to ensure projects are completed within agreed timelines and budgets. Their commitment to open communication and meticulous planning facilitates successful outcomes for every project.
  4. Are the materials used by Supersketch Designers safe and of high quality?
    Absolutely! Safety and quality are paramount in Supersketch Designers’ designs. They meticulously source materials that meet the highest standards, guaranteeing a safe and visually appealing space for you and your loved ones.
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