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Studio XMSL

Studio XMSL has been a prominent figure in the interior design industry since its founding in June 2009. This award-winning studio has gained a reputation for creating stunning interior spaces. With projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, Studio XMSL has impressed many with its innovative and creative designs. The studio’s portfolio showcases a variety of building and interior design projects, each reflecting its commitment to excellence and originality.

Studio XMSL Pte Ltd is located at E-Centre@Redhill, #01-09, 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159471. For inquiries, they can be contacted via phone at +65 6536 6148 or through email at [email protected]. More information about their services and offerings can be found on their website at

Introducing Studio XMSL

Renowned for its commitment to design excellence, Studio XMSL embodies the philosophy of XTRAMINISUPERLARGE. This exceptional design office has a legacy of creating harmonious environments that blend aesthetics with functionality. Each project showcases a fusion of artistic vision and practical considerations, resulting in tailored designs that reflect Studio XMSL’s dedication to its clients’ unique ideas.

Services Offered

Studio XMSL offers a range of services that cater to different needs, each showcasing their exceptional design capabilities.

In the realm of private residences, Studio XMSL excels in transforming apartments and houses into personal sanctuaries. Their innate ability to blend style and comfort allows them to turn clients’ interior dreams into reality.

For residential developments, Studio XMSL works closely with property developers to bring projects to life with meticulously crafted designs. They are experts in creating sophisticated show units, sales galleries, and communal spaces, ensuring that each development exudes elegance.

In commercial spaces, Studio XMSL demonstrates its creative ingenuity by designing premium office environments, entertainment hubs, and retail boutiques. Their work ensures that each space is vibrant and functional, turning them into captivating experiences for users.

In experiential design, Studio XMSL goes beyond conventional boundaries, creating immersive experiences in showrooms, brand galleries, and exhibition centers. By intertwining various disciplines into cohesive narratives, they elevate brands and products, fostering deeper connections with audiences.

Studio XMSL FAQs

What sets Studio XMSL apart in the interior design industry?
Studio XMSL is distinguished by its steadfast commitment to innovative design, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality. Its extensive portfolio across various sectors showcases its adaptability and creative excellence.

How does Studio XMSL approach designing private residences?
Studio XMSL excels in creating bespoke living spaces that reflect individual aspirations. By thoroughly understanding client preferences, the studio designs homes that go beyond the ordinary and resonate deeply with homeowners.

Can Studio XMSL effectively manage large-scale residential projects?
Absolutely. Studio XMSL has a robust track record of working with property developers to create interiors that captivate potential buyers. Its expertise ensures these spaces become compelling visual narratives.

Which industries benefit from Studio XMSL’s expertise in experiential design?
Studio XMSL’s expertise spans multiple industries, including retail, technology, and entertainment. The studio helps brands establish deep connections with their audiences by integrating design with engagement.

How does Studio XMSL cultivate a collaborative design process?
Collaboration is at the core of Studio XMSL’s methodology. The studio values client input, creating a synergy that brings visions to life. This inclusive process results in spaces that harmonize client aspirations with the studio’s design expertise.

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