Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd

Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd

Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd

Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd Singapore stands out for its exceptional ability to merge innovation, quality, and personalized service, crafting a unique 5-star experience that transforms housing dreams into tangible reality. Their approach is comprehensive, spanning from detailed planning to top-notch aftercare, positioning them as a premier interior design company. Their creations not only exude aesthetic charm but also boast functionality, ensuring that every home they design is a perfect blend of style and practicality.

Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd is located at 24 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #08-93, Singapore 573970. They can be contacted via phone at +65 8268 3370 or reached through email at [email protected]. For more information about their services and projects, you can visit their website at

Introducing Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd

Founded by two partners with previous ties to one of Singapore’s leading interior design firms, Rockstar Interior brings a collective expertise of 14 years in the industry. They blend the personalized service of a boutique agency with the high-quality craftsmanship typical of larger companies, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

Services Offered

Rockstar Interior’s service revolves around five core pillars:

Firstly, they prioritize listening to their clients, ensuring a deep understanding of individual needs to create a home that truly reflects their desires.

Secondly, meticulous planning is central to their approach, with a focus on effective budget management to deliver maximum value without compromising on quality.

Thirdly, they excel in personalizing the home-building journey, offering a seamless project workflow and management that makes the experience both unique and unforgettable.

Fourthly, Rockstar Interior upholds a commitment to top-notch craftsmanship and construction, ensuring that every aspect of the home, from fittings to finishes, is of the highest quality and built to last.

Lastly, their dedication extends beyond project completion with superior aftercare services, providing peace of mind and ensuring a worry-free life in the client’s dream home.

Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd Awards and Credentials

Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd has earned several accolades and holds noteworthy credentials in the industry. As an ACRA-registered entity, they demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and accountability.

Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd FAQs

How many showrooms does the company possess?

The company holds a single showroom situated at Rockstar Interior Pte Ltd, 24 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #08-93, Singapore 573970.

What defines an HDB-registered interior design firm in Singapore?

In Singapore, an HDB-registered interior design firm is empowered to deliver interior design services for residential properties. These firms adhere to specific criteria established by the board for handling HDB projects, ensuring:

  • Safe execution of all renovation tasks
  • Preservation of the building’s structural integrity during and after renovations
  • Adherence to renovation standards and guidelines.

What characterizes an ACRA-registered interior design company?

An ACRA-registered interior design company is one officially recognized by the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). This registration bestows credibility and legality upon the company. While it’s a prerequisite for business operations in Singapore, it doesn’t inherently signify specific qualifications or standards within the interior design realm.

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