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Interior design and renovation involve significant investments of both time and money. To maximize these resources, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of priorities and how to allocate your budget wisely, all while adhering to the strict renovation rules that apply.

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate this complex process alone. Singapore is home to many interior designers who are prepared to share their expertise and guidance to ensure the success of your renovation project.

Reno Loft, a firm specializing in both residential and commercial interior design in Singapore, understands the complexities of this creative journey. Their expertise and the services they offer can help transform your space into something exceptional.

Reno Loft Pte. Ltd., located at 21 Woodlands Close #03-08, Singapore 737854, is a notable company in the renovation industry. Their HDB Directory Number is HB-08-5457G. Customers can contact them via phone at +65 6250 3668 or through email at [email protected]. More information about their services and offerings can be found on their website,

Introducing Reno Loft

Reno Loft is a versatile interior design and renovation firm that specializes in both residential and commercial projects, including HDB flats, condos, and landed properties. They provide full-scale interior design services, covering everything from initial planning to after-sales support. With over 10 years of industry experience, Reno Loft collaborates closely with clients to bring their vision to life. They work with more than 50 reliable suppliers to ensure high-quality materials and finishes for every project.

Reno Loft is renowned for its innovative and unique approach to interior design, breaking away from traditional norms to deliver remarkable, bespoke solutions. Embracing a client-centric philosophy, Reno Loft develops unconventional designs that truly reflect each client’s vision.

With an impressive record of over 300 completed projects, Reno Loft has established itself as a reliable and efficient name in Singapore’s interior design landscape. Their innovative approach ensures that every project is executed with excellence, offering clients a seamless and satisfying experience. The firm’s extensive portfolio showcases their commitment to blending trendy and timeless design practices.

Reno Loft understands the importance of every dollar clients invest in their renovations, ensuring that each aspect of the project delivers the best value. From start to finish, they provide honest interior design advice and maintain transparent communication about the budget and processes involved.

Dedicated to delivering exceptional design and project management, Reno Loft’s professional team ensures a stress-free interior design process. They embrace a positive and holistic approach, making interior design and renovation a seamless and enjoyable journey for their valued clients.

Services Offered

Reno Loft offers a comprehensive suite of services for both residential and commercial interior design and renovation. Their process includes creating detailed 3D drawings, assisting with material selection, conducting thorough site inspections, and managing the entire project. Additionally, they provide carpentry work and other necessary services to ensure the successful completion of each project.

Reno Loft Credentials

Reno Loft brings over 10 years of solid experience in interior design and renovation to the table. As an HDB-accredited interior design firm, they have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, reliable services to their clients.

Reno Loft FAQs

What types of properties in Singapore does Reno Loft serve?
Reno Loft specializes in interior design and renovation services for a variety of properties in Singapore. Their expertise includes residential properties such as HDB resale flats, BTO (Build-To-Order) units, condominiums, landed properties, as well as commercial spaces.

Does Reno Loft have a showroom?
Yes, Reno Loft has a showroom located at 21 Woodlands Close #03-08, Singapore 737854.

How can I obtain a quotation from Reno Loft?
You can contact Reno Loft’s team by emailing [email protected]. Include details about your project, such as the type of property, the scope of renovation or design services required, and any specific preferences you have.

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