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Ovon Design

Ovon Design emerges as a leading interior design firm in Singapore, drawing inspiration from the Latin term “OVO,” symbolizing “Beginning.” It embodies the genesis of exquisite living spaces, where beauty takes root and flourishes. Possessing a deep reverence for the craft of interior design, Ovon Design discerns the latent possibilities within every inch of space, molding it into an environment that exudes elegance and flawlessness.

Their dedication transcends the confines of mere living spaces; it extends to areas meant for work, education, or recreation. Fuelled by an unwavering passion and boundless imagination, they conceive designs that etch an indelible mark on the senses, leaving an enduring impression on all who encounter them.

Introducing Ovon Design

Ovon Design demonstrates extensive experience across a spectrum of projects, encompassing maisonette and loft units, major renovations, and interior design endeavors. Additionally, they possess a state-of-the-art, in-house carpentry workshop, specializing in commercial units and alteration and addition (A&A) works. This breadth of capabilities underscores their proficiency across a diverse array of interior design ventures.

For inquiries and consultations, Ovon Design can be reached at their showroom located at 53 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427777. They can also be contacted via phone at +65 6573 7843 or through email at [email protected]. Further information about their services and portfolio can be found on their website, ovon-d.com.

Embarking on a Seamless Interior Design Journey

At Ovon Design, the belief is firm: a meticulously curated space lays the groundwork for a truly fulfilling lifestyle. Committed to ensuring total client satisfaction, they guide individuals through a seamless journey, from initial discussions to the unveiling of a meticulously tailored environment that aligns with personal desires and requirements.

A Blend of Design Creativity and Perfection

Driven by a youthful and dedicated team, Ovon Design holds a profound appreciation for the artistry and precision of interior design. They possess the ability to discern the vast potential inherent in every space. Once under their care, they envision the inherent beauty and flawlessness it can exude. Their creativity knows no bounds; whether fashioning residential sanctuaries or dynamic commercial hubs, their designs captivate and invigorate, catering to an array of needs and aspirations.

Services Offered

Ovon Design provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse needs:

  1. Space Planning & Conceptual Design: Unveiling the full potential of each space through meticulous planning and creative ingenuity.
  2. Materials Proposal: Expert recommendations to enrich the design vision, ensuring the selection of optimal materials.
  3. Budget Planning: Transparent and detailed budgeting to prevent unforeseen expenses, fostering trust and clarity throughout the process.
  4. Submission to Authorities: Streamlined management of documentation and approvals, ensuring efficient processing.
  5. Soft Furnishing & Styling Consultation: Adding the final flourishes to enhance the overall ambiance, with expert guidance on soft furnishings and styling.
  6. Project Management Renovation: Professional oversight for a seamless renovation journey, ensuring precision and quality from start to finish.

Ovon Design Credentials

Ovon Design proudly holds several esteemed credentials:

  1. Qanvast SuperTrust Badge Holder: Recognized for trustworthiness and excellence by Qanvast, a leading platform for home renovation and interior design.
  2. BCA-Registered Firm: Accredited by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), attesting to their compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  3. HDB-Registered Interior Design Company: Registered with the Housing & Development Board (HDB), demonstrating their eligibility to undertake interior design projects for HDB properties.
  4. CaseTrust Recipient: Acknowledged for their commitment to fair trading practices and customer-centric service by CaseTrust, a consumer accreditation scheme.
  5. BCA-Licensed General Builder: Licensed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) as a general builder, showcasing their expertise in construction and project management.

Ovon Design FAQs

  1. What sets Ovon Design apart from other interior design firms in Singapore?
    Ovon Design distinguishes itself through its steadfast commitment to crafting timeless, beautiful, and exquisite designs that are meticulously tailored to each client’s unique preferences and vision.
  2. How does Ovon Design approach the design process?
    Ovon Design initiates the design process by comprehensively understanding the client’s vision, skillfully infusing it with creative imagination to produce designs that not only meet but exceed expectations.
  3. Can I view examples of Ovon Design’s past projects?
    Certainly! Ovon Design showcases a curated selection of their exceptional projects on their website, providing valuable insights into the caliber of their work and their design aesthetics.
  4. Why should I choose Ovon Design for my interior design needs?
    With an impressive portfolio, a genuine passion for interior design, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Ovon Design emerges as the ideal choice for those seeking to transform their space into a masterpiece.
  5. How can I get started with Ovon Design?
    To embark on an exciting journey to bring your dream space to life, simply visit Ovon Design’s website or reach out to their team to discuss your requirements and initiate the design process.
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