Welcome to the captivating realm where design seamlessly intertwines with lifestyle. Within the vibrant landscape of Singapore, Odd Creative emerges as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the realm of interior design. Far from being merely another company in the industry, Odd Creative distinguishes itself by transforming spaces into narratives and residences into sanctuaries.

Embark on a journey behind the curtains of Odd Creative, where the essence of their uniqueness comes to light. Here lies an opportunity to delve into the inner workings of an interior design firm that refuses to conform, instead opting to push boundaries and reimagine conventions, all while crafting aesthetically stunning spaces that captivate the imagination.

Oddcreative operates from their showroom located at 18 Sin Ming Lane #07-41 Midview City, Singapore 573960. They can be contacted via phone at +65 9745 5074 or reached by email at [email protected]. For more information about their services and portfolio, you can visit their website at https://oddcreative.com.sg/.

Introducing oddcreative

OddCreative prides itself on offering a holistic design service, accompanying clients every step of the way on their design journey. With a dedication to crafting interiors of unparalleled beauty, the company ensures that each space reflects meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail, all tailored to meet the discerning tastes of their clientele.

The team at OddCreative is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional homes that prioritize comfort and individuality, with client satisfaction at the forefront of their mission. Embracing a collaborative approach, they encourage clients to express their unique style and preferences, guiding them through the process with innovative designs that resonate with their vision.

Beyond being a mere workplace, the studio at OddCreative serves as a dynamic hub of creative energy, where the committed team consistently strives to bring to life comfortable and distinctive homes for their clients. Eschewing transient trends in favor of enduring elegance, the company emphasizes quality and timelessness in their designs, aiming to deliver lasting value to every client they serve.

Services Offered

OddCreative offers a wide array of comprehensive design services, spanning from conceptualization to the final touches of completion. Their expertise lies in curating bespoke, premium interiors that epitomize quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Moreover, they excel in fostering collaborative design processes, ensuring that clients play an integral role in shaping their envisioned spaces.

Oddcreative Awards and Credentials

OddCreative boasts notable awards and credentials, including being ACRA-registered, which underscores their commitment to professionalism and adherence to industry standards. Additionally, they proudly hold a stellar client satisfaction rating of 4.6 on Qanvast, a testament to their dedication to exceeding client expectations and delivering exceptional design experiences.

oddcreative FAQs

Where is the company’s Showroom?

The company’s showroom is located at 18 Sin Ming Lane #07-41 Midview City Singapore 573960.

Are they HDB Registered?

No, they are not HDB-registered, but they work closely with HDB-licensed sub-contractors.

What is the company’s interior design style?

The company is skilled in creating a wide range of interior design styles, spanning from minimalist and modern to traditional and eclectic. Their versatility allows them to tailor their designs to suit their clients’ preferences and the specific requirements of each space.

What type of spaces does the company specialize in?

They specialize in a variety of residential spaces, including condos, HDBs, landed homes, and more. Their nuanced understanding of home design enables them to bring creativity and functionality to diverse living environments.

What is an ACRA-registered interior design company?

An ACRA-registered interior design company is officially registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). This registration is a prerequisite for conducting business in Singapore, signifying the company’s legitimacy and compliance with regulatory requirements. However, it does not necessarily indicate any specific qualifications or standards in the field of interior design.

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