NID Design Group Pte Ltd

NID Design Group Pte Ltd

NID Design Group Pte Ltd

NID Design Group Pte Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of interior design in Singapore, earning the admiration of many. Situated centrally in Singapore, this firm excels in the art of turning HDB flats and condos into bespoke sanctuaries. What sets NID Design Group apart is their unwavering commitment to enhancing lives through innovative design solutions. They take pride in their ability to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring that each project is a reflection of the client’s unique vision and requirements. By offering a diverse array of styles, NID Design Group ensures that every space they transform becomes exceptional in its own right. Whether it’s modern minimalism, cozy Scandinavian, or timeless elegance, this interior design company in Singapore approaches each project with creativity and attention to detail, making ordinary spaces extraordinary.

NID Design Group Pte Ltd, operating under the HDB Directory Number HB-09-5463Z, is located at 140 Paya Lebar Road, AZ @ Paya Lebar #01-16, Singapore 409015. They can be contacted via phone at +65 6844 2451 or reached through email at [email protected]. For more information about their services, one can visit their website at

Introducing NID Design Group Pte Ltd

NID Design Group remains steadfast in its mission to elevate daily living through the creation of visually appealing and practical environments. With each project, the firm is driven by a strong commitment to fashioning cohesive designs that resonate with the client’s aspirations and requirements. Understanding the distinctiveness of every client’s lifestyle and preferences, NID Design Group takes pride in its ability to craft stunning spaces tailored to meet individual needs and desires. Through a harmonious fusion of elegance and functionality, the firm ensures that every design not only captivates the beholder but also enhances the usability and comfort of the space.

Services Offered

NID Design Group offers a comprehensive array of services catering to both residential and commercial clients. From crafting exquisite interior designs to meticulous space planning, renovation, and custom furniture creation, the firm covers every aspect of the design process. Additionally, they provide adept project management services, ensuring seamless execution from concept to completion. Embracing sustainability, NID Design Group incorporates eco-friendly solutions into their designs, promoting a greener approach to interior spaces.

D&R Design Reno Awards and Credentials

D&R Design Reno boasts a range of awards and credentials that underscore their expertise and reliability in the industry. As an ACRA-registered company, they adhere to stringent standards and regulations, ensuring trust and accountability in their operations. Moreover, being HDB-registered signifies their capability to undertake projects in public housing developments, further cementing their credibility. Additionally, D&R Design Reno proudly maintains an impressive client satisfaction rating of 8.7 on, reflecting the high level of satisfaction among their clientele. These accolades and credentials serve as testaments to the firm’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

NID Design Group Pte Ltd FAQs

Where is the company’s Showroom?

The company’s showroom is located at: 140, Paya Lebar Road, AZ @ Paya Lebar #01-16, Singapore 409015.

Is the company HDB Registered?


What is the company’s interior design style?

NID Design Group Pte Ltd specializes in various interior design styles, offering customized solutions tailored to individual preferences.

What type of spaces does the company specialize in?

Their portfolio showcases a strong focus on HDBs and condos, where they apply their wide range of design styles and customized approaches.

What is an ACRA-registered interior design company?

An ACRA-registered interior design company is a company that is officially registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). This registration lends credibility and legitimacy to the company, allowing it to conduct business in Singapore. However, it does not necessarily denote any specific qualifications or standards in the field of interior design.

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