Founded in 2007, Monoloft stands as a versatile interior design studio specializing in architecture and interior furnishing. Their expertise extends across various aspects of design, with a focus on creating not just comfortable homes, but spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Over the years, they have successfully completed more than 300 projects throughout Singapore, showcasing their commitment to excellence in every endeavor. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to craftsmanship, Monoloft consistently delivers designs that surpass expectations, turning houses into inviting homes.

MONOLOFT, situated at Nordcom 1, 3 Gambas Crescent #04-07, Singapore 757088, offers exceptional interior design solutions. Their HDB Directory Number is HB-12-4360B. For inquiries or consultations, individuals can contact them via phone at +65 6677 0396 or through email at [email protected]. Additionally, their website,, provides comprehensive information about their services, portfolio, and contact details for further engagement.

Introducing MONOLOFT

Monoloft proudly holds the prestigious BizSafe 3 certification, signifying its commitment to workplace safety and professionalism in Singapore. As an HDB-accredited interior design firm, they maintain a reputation for reliability and quality service, backed by years of extensive experience in the industry. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, Monoloft excels in crafting a diverse range of interior design styles, catering to the unique preferences and needs of each client. Their portfolio reflects their versatility and expertise, showcasing their ability to transform spaces into stunning reflections of individual taste and functionality.

Services Offered

Monoloft offers a comprehensive range of interior design services tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients. From HDB flats to condominium units, their expertise encompasses every aspect of residential interior design, ensuring that each space is transformed into a comfortable and stylish abode. For commercial projects, Monoloft brings creativity and functionality together to create engaging and efficient spaces that enhance productivity and appeal to customers.

Their services include:

  • Space planning: Maximizing the potential of every area to optimize functionality and flow.
  • Concept development: Translating ideas and inspirations into cohesive design concepts that reflect the client’s vision.
  • Material selection: Curating a selection of high-quality materials to achieve the desired aesthetic and durability.
  • Furniture arrangement: Strategically placing furniture to enhance space utilization and create inviting layouts.
  • Lighting design: Creating ambience and enhancing functionality through thoughtful lighting solutions.
  • Colour selection: Utilizing color theory to evoke mood and create visual interest in the space.
  • Project management: Overseeing every aspect of the project from conception to completion, ensuring timely execution and adherence to budget.
  • Requirement submission: Managing all necessary paperwork and submissions to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Clients can rely on Monoloft’s experienced team to handle every aspect of their project with professionalism and attention to detail. For a full list of services and packages, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Monoloft’s team directly to discuss their specific needs and preferences.

MONOLOFT Accolades

Monoloft proudly boasts several accolades and recognitions, solidifying its position as a reputable interior design firm in Singapore. As an HDB-licensed contractor, Monoloft demonstrates its adherence to industry standards and regulations, ensuring quality and reliability in every project. Additionally, being a bizSafe 3 registered firm highlights its commitment to workplace safety and professionalism.

Monoloft has been featured prominently in the media, further affirming its expertise and excellence in the field of interior design. The company was recognized as one of the “29 Best Designers in Singapore” by Fun Empire, showcasing its innovative and creative approach to design. Moreover, Monoloft’s dedication to Scandinavian interior design excellence was acknowledged with the title of “Best Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore” by Best in Singapore.

Further solidifying its reputation, Monoloft has been featured in Square Rooms, a testament to its impact and influence in the industry. These accolades serve as a testament to Monoloft’s dedication to delivering exceptional design solutions that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.


Is Monoloft registered with HDB?
Yes, Monoloft is an HDB-registered firm, holding a license number: HB-12-4360B.

How many showrooms does Monoloft operate?
Monoloft operates one showroom in Singapore, situated at Nordcom 1, 3 Gambas Crescent #04-07, Singapore 757088.

How can I inquire about Monoloft’s services?
To inquire about Monoloft’s services, you can contact them via phone at +65 6677 0396 or email at [email protected]. Additionally, you can obtain a free quote by filling out the firm’s contact information available on its website.

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