Medina Design & Interiors

Medina Design & Interiors

Medina Design & Interiors

Since its inception in December 2018, Medina Design & Interiors, in collaboration with Medina Pte. Ltd., has been committed to providing top-notch renovation solutions and thorough interior design consultations to residents in Singapore. Their focus is on delivering excellence in design and turning visions into reality.

Medina Design & Interiors, a vibrant design firm, specializes in professional renovation and interior design services. With their creative flair and wealth of experience, they aim to enhance your spaces, delivering outcomes that perfectly align with your unique aesthetic preferences.

Medina Pte. Ltd., located at 34 Arab Street, #03-01 Singapore 199733, offers a range of products and services. Operating hours are from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Customers can reach out via email at [email protected] or visit their website at for more information about their offerings and services.

Medina Pte. Ltd. holds accreditation from both the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the Housing & Development Board (HDB). As a BCA-registered and HDB-registered entity, they adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring quality and reliability in their products and services.

Introducing Medina Design & Interiors

Infused with a youthful energy, Medina Design & Interiors remains steadfast in their pursuit of excellence in each endeavor. The seasoned professionals comprising “Team Medina” contribute their expertise, continuously advancing through learning and innovation. Their core competencies lie in adept problem-solving, transparent communication, and a genuine dedication to their craft.

Services Offered

Explore a range of personalized services designed to meet your specific requirements:

  1. Tailored Space & Furniture Planning
  2. Immersive 3D Visualisation
  3. Expert Lighting Consultation
  4. Insights on Furniture & Decor
  5. Comprehensive Project Management

Whether you’re seeking precise space optimization, captivating visualizations, lighting expertise, furniture and decor guidance, or seamless project oversight, Medina Design & Interiors has you covered.

Medina Design & Interiors FAQs 

How does transparency factor in?

Transparency is integral to the ethos of Medina Design & Interiors, ensuring open communication throughout both the design and execution phases to facilitate a smooth journey.

Can diverse design preferences be met?

Certainly. Medina Design & Interiors boasts a portfolio encompassing various styles, accommodating the tastes and visions of every client.

What does “ikhlas” signify?

The principle of “ikhlas,” or sincerity, forms the foundation of every interaction. Medina Design & Interiors creates spaces that genuinely resonate, reflecting their authentic commitment.

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