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Imago Dei 3

Imago Dei 3

Interior design reflects an individual’s personality, lifestyle, and dreams. Imago Dei 3, an interior design firm in Singapore, provides design and renovation services that transform spaces and inspire those who inhabit them.

Imago Dei 3 LLP, located at 22 Sin Ming Lane #03-78, Midview City, Singapore 573969, offers comprehensive interior design solutions. Their HDB Directory Number is HB-08-5157Z. For inquiries or consultations, individuals can contact them via phone at +65 8316 8333 or through email at [email protected]. Additionally, their website,, provides detailed information about their services, portfolio, and contact details for further engagement.

Introducing Imago Dei 3

A reliable HDB-accredited interior design and renovation firm in Singapore, Imago Dei 3 features a highly collaborative team of professionals. They are dedicated to working closely with clients from the inception to the completion of each project. As a creative Singapore-based interior design firm, they boast an impressive portfolio of residential projects.

Services Offered

Imago Dei 3 offers a wide range of services including renovation, turnkey services, design conceptualization, space planning, spatial functions and relations, lighting and interior elements, furnishing, material curation and finishing, environment considerations, safety solutions, and acoustics. To learn more about their full list of services and packages, feel free to connect with the team at Imago Dei 3.

Imago Dei 3 FAQs

Is Imago Dei 3 registered with HDB?
Indeed, Imago Dei 3 is an HDB-registered firm, boasting a license number: HB-08-5157Z.

How many showrooms does Imago Dei 3 operate?
Imago Dei 3 operates a single showroom in Singapore, situated at 22 Sin Ming Lane #03-78, Midview City, Singapore 573969.

How can I inquire about Imago Dei 3’s services?
For inquiries about Imago Dei 3’s services, you can contact them via phone at +65 8316 8333, email at [email protected], or by filling out the contact form on the firm’s website.

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