Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd

Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd

Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd

Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd in Singapore stands out for its unique fusion of creativity and functionality in interior design. Their expertise lies in crafting spaces that not only look beautiful but also serve practical purposes. Through close collaboration with clients, they bring forth innovative solutions tailored to individual needs. From detailed 3D perspective drawings to customized construction works, Ideal Design Interior offers a comprehensive suite of services for both interior and exterior design projects. This commitment to personalized and professional design has solidified their reputation as a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their living or working spaces in Singapore.

Ideal Design Renovation Pte Ltd operates from its showroom located at 456 Balestier Road #02-03 Ascent@456, Singapore 329832. They can be contacted via phone at +65 68425542 or reached through email at [email protected]. For more information about their services and projects, you can visit their website at

Introducing Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd

Ideal Design Interior understands the significant impact of surroundings on daily life, recognizing the importance of purposeful living and working spaces. Their approach involves thoughtful decision-making to cater to both budgetary constraints and functional requirements, ensuring a personalized experience for every client. Through meticulous planning, design, and execution, they transform conceptual ideas into vibrant environments that seamlessly integrate with everyday life.

The company takes pride in its project diversity and aesthetic adaptability, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to surpass client expectations. With extensive experience across various sectors including mid-range to high-end residential, commercial development, and retail, they approach each project with enthusiasm and commitment, resulting in positive outcomes.

Functionality, productivity, and flexibility are key focal points for Ideal Design Interior, aiming to provide lasting value-added benefits to their clients. They achieve this by sourcing the best manufacturers and contractors, utilizing resources effectively to meet project requirements while maintaining high-quality standards.

Client involvement is integral to their process, with clients being treated as valued team members, fostering an environment conducive to productive idea-sharing. Effective communication remains a priority throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that results are delivered on time and within budget.

From pre-conceptualization to post-occupancy, Ideal Design Interior offers a comprehensive range of services, adopting a holistic approach to interior design that addresses every aspect of the project’s lifecycle.

Services Offered

Ideal Design Interior offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients seeking both exterior and interior design solutions. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or retail spaces, the company specializes in creating unique and captivating designs for a variety of environments, including entertainment and business outlets, condominiums, HDB flats, and commercial offices. Their innovative and modern approaches ensure that clients’ imaginative designs are brought to life in stunning fashion.

With their Design to Build service, Ideal Design Interior boasts an experienced team equipped to handle projects of any scale, ensuring better infrastructure and more efficient results for their clients. Additionally, their Space Planning service focuses on formulating and maximizing available space to create designs that are both creative and functional.

For clients looking to enhance their living environments, Ideal Design Interior offers A&A (Additions and Alterations) and Reconstruction services for landed homes. Whether it’s adding new elements, making alterations, or completely reconstructing spaces, their team is dedicated to improving and optimizing living spaces according to clients’ preferences and requirements.

The company also provides Design Consultation and Conceptualization services, offering expert guidance to clients throughout the design process. From initial proposals to final plans, they work closely with clients to incorporate innovative solutions that bring them closer to realizing their dream homes or workspaces.

To help clients visualize their ideas more effectively, Ideal Design Interior offers detailed 3D Perspective Drawings, providing a visual understanding of proposed designs through intricately rendered 3D models. This service allows clients to explore and refine their ideas before construction begins.

Finally, Ideal Design Interior offers tailored Construction Works to bring their designs to life. Whether it’s interior renovations, additions, or new constructions, their construction services are customized to meet the specific requirements of each project, ensuring high-quality results and client satisfaction.

Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd Awards and Credentials

Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd has garnered several awards and credentials, underscoring their commitment to excellence and professionalism in the field of interior design. As an ACRA-registered company, they adhere to stringent regulatory standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in their operations. Their registration with HDB further attests to their credibility and expertise in serving residential clients.

The company’s attainment of the bizSAFE3 certification demonstrates their dedication to workplace safety and health, providing clients with assurance of a secure working environment throughout the design and construction process. Additionally, Ideal Design Interior is accredited by RADAC, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of interior design services.

In recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to the industry, Ideal Design Interior was honored with the 2011 Successful Entrepreneur Award. This prestigious accolade highlights their entrepreneurial spirit, innovative approaches, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions to their clients.

Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd FAQs

Is the company an HDB-registered firm?

Yes, they are HDB-registered with license no. HB-12-4122Z.

How many showrooms does the company possess?

The firm maintains one showroom located at 456 Balestier Road#02-03 Ascent@456, Singapore 329832.

What constitutes an HDB-registered interior design firm in Singapore?

An HDB-registered interior design firm is authorized to provide interior design services for residential properties in Singapore. These firms adhere to specific criteria established by the board to undertake HDB projects, ensuring:

  • Safe execution of all renovation works
  • Preservation of the building’s structural integrity during and after the renovation
  • Adherence to renovation standards and guidelines.

What defines an ACRA-registered interior design company?

An ACRA-registered interior design company is a company officially registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) in Singapore. This registration provides credibility and legitimacy to the company and is mandatory for conducting business in Singapore. However, it doesn’t necessarily indicate any specific qualifications or standards within the field of interior design.

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