Fyner Interior Pte. Ltd.

Fyner Interior Pte. Ltd.

Fyner Interior Pte. Ltd.

If you’re in search of an interior design firm that seamlessly blends modern, contemporary, minimalistic, and Scandinavian styles, then Fyner Interior might just be your next obsession. Established in 2019 as the residential arm of ERstudio, Fyner Interior Singapore specializes in crafting residential spaces that exude a sense of sublimity. What sets them apart is their dedication to creating stunning designs without breaking the bank. So, if you’re ready to explore what they bring to the Singapore interior design landscape, let’s delve into what Fyner Interior has in store.

You can find Fyner Interior at 25 Upper Weld Road, Singapore 207382. For inquiries, you can reach out to their customer care team at +65 9792 5366 or contact Fynn at +65 6977 9799 or Jason at +65 9792 5366. Alternatively, you can drop them an email at [email protected]. To explore more about their services and portfolio, visit their website at https://www.fyner.design/.

Introducing Fyner Interior

Fyner Interior is dedicated to delivering affordable, top-notch residential interior design services. Their team comprises ambitious and passionate designers who prioritize client satisfaction above all else. One of their standout qualities is their commitment to transparent practices—no high-pressure sales tactics, dodgy terms, or hidden costs. Although not HDB-registered, they collaborate closely with professional contractors who hold HDB accreditation. Fyner Interior is renowned for offering a home renovation journey that is as comfortable and inviting as the dream homes they create for their clients. With an impressive track record, they’ve earned an average rating of 4.8 stars on Qanvast and a perfect 5.0-star rating on Houzz SG. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of stunning interior design projects, reflecting their expertise and creativity.

Fyner Interior Singapore specializes in various residential interior design and home renovation services, with a particular focus on HDBs. They possess extensive expertise in architectural principles, space planning, materials, and the latest trends in home decor, ensuring exceptional results for their clients.

As an ACRA-registered firm, Fyner Interior is a symbol of reliability and trustworthiness, having operated for over three years since its inception in 2019. They maintain transparency with their clients, sharing their wealth of industry experience to ensure informed decisions throughout the design process.

Fyner Interior is renowned for their signature interior design styles:

Scandinavian Interior Design: With a keen eye for simplicity, functionality, and minimalism, Fyner Interior brings the essence of Nordic style into residential interiors, often incorporating natural elements to create serene and inviting spaces.

Minimalist Interior Design: Their minimalist approach is characterized by careful curation and restraint, where every furniture piece and home decor item is selected for its purpose and aesthetic value, resulting in clean and uncluttered spaces.

Contemporary Interior Design: Fyner Interior excels in blending contemporary trends with timeless elegance, crafting spaces that feel fresh and current yet possess a lasting appeal that transcends fleeting fads.

Modern Interior Design: Emphasizing clean lines, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, Fyner Interior’s modern designs exude sophistication while maintaining a welcoming and livable atmosphere, striking a balance between sleekness and warmth.

Fyner Interior Design Services

Fyner Interior offers a comprehensive range of interior design services tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client:

Personalized Interior Design Solutions and Consultancy: Fyner takes a personalized approach to design, crafting bespoke solutions that align with your lifestyle, preferences, and functional requirements.

Bold and Experimental Design Approach: Their team of designers embraces creativity and innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to transform your vision into a distinctive and memorable design reality.

Site Analysis and Selection: Fyner conducts thorough site surveys to assess the unique characteristics and challenges of your space, providing expert advice on the most effective design strategies to optimize functionality and aesthetics.

3D Visualization and Modeling: Utilizing advanced 3D rendering technology, Fyner creates highly realistic visualizations of your proposed design, allowing you to visualize the final outcome and make informed decisions before construction begins.

Turnkey Solutions: With Fyner Interior, you can entrust the entire project to their capable hands, from conceptualization and design development to project management and final execution. Their turnkey solutions ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, allowing you to enjoy your newly transformed space with confidence and peace of mind.

Fyner Interior Singapore Credentials and Recognitions

Fyner Interior Singapore has garnered recognition and acclaim within the industry, with notable credentials and accolades including features in prominent publications such as Zaobao SG and Home and Decor Singapore. These appearances serve as testament to Fyner Interior’s expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering exceptional interior design solutions that capture attention and inspire admiration.

Fyner Interior FAQs

Where is Fyner Interior’s showroom?

Fyner Interior’s showroom is situated at 25 Upper Weld Road, Singapore, 207382.

Is Fyner Interior HDB Registered?

Fyner Interior is not HDB-registered. However, they collaborate with contractors licensed by HDB.

Are they popular among homeowners?

The company has received an average rating of 4.8, based on 21 reviews on Qanvast, indicating their popularity among homeowners.

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