DistinctIdentity Pte Ltd is a reputable company based in Singapore, specializing in providing unique and personalized interior design solutions. Located at 12 Arumungan Road, #01-02 LTC Building B, Singapore 409958, their showroom serves as a testament to their commitment to creativity and innovation in interior design. You can reach them at +65 6846 0033 or through email at [email protected]. For more information about their services and portfolio, visit their website at distinctidentity.com.sg.


Established in 2010, DISTINCTiDENTITY has been dedicated to offering exceptional design and architectural services to its loyal and repeat clients. The firm distinguishes itself by its remarkable ability to understand the unique requirements of each client and project. Effective communication is at the core of their approach, ensuring clarity and elegance in design execution.

Underlying their work is a mission to “Desire to Inspire,” driving DISTINCTiDENTITY towards excellence in fulfilling its commitments. With this mission in mind, the company aims to make a meaningful impact, transforming spaces one project at a time.

Services Offered

DISTINCTiDENTITY offers a range of services, including interior design and architectural solutions. While these are highlighted, it’s important to note that this list isn’t exhaustive, and the firm possesses expertise beyond these offerings. Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out to DISTINCTiDENTITY’s team for a comprehensive list of services and packages tailored to their needs.


DISTINCTiDENTITY proudly holds the credential of being HDB-registered, underscoring their credibility and competence in the field of interior design and architectural services.


  1. Is DISTINCTiDENTITY officially registered with HDB?
    DISTINCTiDENTITY holds HDB registration with license number HB-06-4040F.
  2. Where is DISTINCTiDENTITY’s showroom situated?
    DISTINCTiDENTITY operates one showroom at 12 Arumungan Road, #01-02 LTC Building B, Singapore 409958.
  3. What is the process for seeking information about DISTINCTiDENTITY’s services?
    To inquire about DISTINCTiDENTITY’s services, you can contact them through their official website or the provided contact information above.
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