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Design Affair

Design Affair

Driven by a deep passion for design, Design Affair and its collaborative team of experts approach interior design with great enthusiasm. Each project is seen as a new opportunity to create distinctive ideas. Specializing in interior design, architecture, and space-planning, Design Affair is a top choice for anyone planning a renovation. Curious to learn more about this firm?

Design Affair is located at 138 Market Street, Level 24-01 CapitalGreen in Singapore. They can be reached by phone at +65 6481 0131 or via email at [email protected]. For more information about their services, their website can be visited at

Introducing Design Affair

About Design Affair

Design Affair skillfully combines different design elements and innovative processes to bring clients’ visions to life. The firm’s approach involves close collaboration to meet clients’ needs and deliver delightful results. Design Affair is dedicated to staying current with design trends through thorough research, utilizing CAD and 3D visualization applications, and ensuring form, function, and maximum efficiency. Their comprehensive and coordinated project management is a testament to their commitment.

Trusted Interior Design Experience

With over 27 years of experience, Design Affair has worked with many different spaces. The firm’s expertise and the team’s relentless commitment to growth allow them to continually evolve and provide top-notch services to every client.

Versatile Portfolio

Design Affair boasts a versatile portfolio that includes residential and commercial spaces such as offices, retail establishments, F&B outlets, and institutions. The firm is adept at achieving a variety of interior design themes, from Scandinavian to modern and other playful concepts.

Services Offered

Design Affair provides a wide array of services to cater to various design needs. Their expertise includes interior design and styling, pre-lease services, planning and design, mechanical engineering, project management, landscape design, and graphic design. For a comprehensive list of their services and packages, feel free to connect with the Design Affair team.

Design Affair FAQs

Where is Design Affair headquartered?

Design Affair’s headquarters in Singapore is located at 138 Market Street, Level 24-01 CapitalGreen, Singapore.

What services does Design Affair provide?

Design Affair offers a comprehensive array of services, including interior design, architecture, and consultation.

How can I get in touch with Design Affair?

You can reach Design Affair by calling +65 6481 0131 or emailing [email protected].

What types of interior design themes can Design Affair create?

Design Affair excels in creating various interior design themes, such as Scandinavian, Modern, and Monochromatic.

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