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Builders Plus

Builders Plus

Established in 2016, Builders Plus embodies the commitment to enhancing living and working environments for all. With a devoted team, they merge imaginative design concepts with exceptional construction services, transforming clients’ visions into tangible spaces. Whether fashioning inviting residential havens or efficient commercial areas, Builders Plus has emerged as a premier player in the realm of interior design.

Introducing Builders Plus

With a steadfast dedication to excellence, Builders Plus has established itself as a prominent presence in Singapore’s fiercely competitive interior design sector.

Builders Plus Pte. Ltd. is a BCA-registered and HDB-registered company. Identified by the HDB Directory Number HB-11-5510D, the company is located at 50 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #09-11 First Centre, Singapore 555856. For inquiries, they can be reached at the phone number 6920 4338 or via email at [email protected]. Additional information about their services and offerings can be found on their website at

Builders Plus Pte. Ltd. embodies the philosophy “WE DESIGN. WE BUILD,” which encapsulates their holistic approach to interior design. Unlike many other design firms, Builders Plus goes beyond merely conceptualizing beautiful spaces; they also bring these visions to life through their expertise in design and build services. This comprehensive approach ensures that every design aspect aligns harmoniously with the construction process, resulting in seamless and awe-inspiring spaces.

Services Offered

Builders Plus provides interior design services for both homes and businesses. For residential projects, the company creates living spaces that blend comfort, beauty, and practicality, bringing homeowners’ dreams to life. In the commercial sector, Builders Plus redesigns workspaces to improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and reflect the company’s brand.

Builders Plus FAQs

What sets Builders Plus apart?

Builders Plus stands out with its integrated design and build approach, ensuring a seamless transformation from concept to reality.

Can Builders Plus accommodate various design styles?

Yes, Builders Plus tailors its designs to meet the unique preferences of each client.

How does Builders Plus ensure design quality?

Builders Plus has a team of experienced professionals who meticulously oversee every design detail, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Can commercial spaces reflect brand identity?

Builders Plus specializes in creating commercial spaces that embody a brand’s essence, enhancing its identity.

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