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19 Eighty Three

Nineteen Eighty Three Details is an interior design company consisting of a team of lively and enthusiastic interior designers. They are driven by a profound passion for crafting unique and personalized solutions for their customers. This firm prides itself on its ability to understand the individual needs and preferences of each client, tailoring their designs accordingly. Whether it’s revamping a living room, refurbishing an office space, or renovating a commercial establishment, Nineteen Eighty Three Details approaches every project with creativity and dedication. Their goal is not only to enhance the aesthetics of a space but also to ensure functionality and practicality. By infusing each design with a touch of personality and flair, they strive to create environments that truly reflect the essence and character of their clients. With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, Nineteen Eighty Three Details consistently delivers exceptional results that exceed expectations.

19 EightyThree Pte. Ltd., with BCA UEN 201838587H, operates its Material Lab showroom at 67 Ubi Road 1 #06-14, S408730, offering innovative design solutions. For inquiries or consultations, individuals can contact them via email at [email protected]. Moreover, their website, 19eightythree.sg, provides a comprehensive overview of their services, showcasing their portfolio and facilitating contact for further engagement.

Services Offered

Nineteen Eighty Three Details offers a range of specialized interior design services tailored to residential spaces. Their bespoke approach ensures that each project is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and preferences of their clients. From initial space planning and concept development to material selection and furniture arrangement, the team at Nineteen Eighty Three Details handles every aspect of the design process with expertise and creativity. They also specialize in lighting design, color selection, and project management, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for their clients from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to transform your living space or revamp your entire home, Nineteen Eighty Three Details has the skills and experience to bring your vision to life. For a comprehensive list of their services and packages, feel free to reach out to their team for more information.

19 Eighty Three FAQs

How many showrooms does 19 Eighty Three operate?
19 Eighty Three operates a showroom in Singapore, situated at Material Lab: 67 UBI ROAD 1 #06-14 S408730.

How can I inquire about 19 Eighty Three’s services?
You can contact 19 Eighty Three’s team through various methods:

  • Email: Reach out via [email protected]
  • Social Media: Connect with them on their social media pages
  • Enquiry Form: Fill out the enquiry form on their website
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