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Muzi Design

Muzi Design was founded by Principal Architect Lee Song Wee in 2006. With over 20 years of experience in designing, supervising, and managing projects in Singapore and China, Mr. Lee has a wealth of expertise.

The firm’s philosophy emphasizes a harmonious relationship between nature and the built environment, taking full advantage of Southeast Asia’s tropical climate. Each architectural project is uniquely tailored to its specific site and program requirements, resulting in innovative designs grounded in strong concepts.

Muzi Design approaches architecture with a practical mindset, creating homes that mirror the dreams, lifestyles, and personalities of their clients. The firm values close collaboration with clients and consultants to unlock the full potential of each project.

Before establishing Muzi Design, Lee Song Wee spent 13 years at Richard Ho Architects, contributing significantly to several award-winning projects. These include 13 Frankel Street, which received the Singapore Institute of Architects Design Award in 2001, and 26 Everton Road, which earned an honorable mention in the 2000 Kenneth F. Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Architecture Design Award. Another notable project is Chang House at Chiltern Drive, featured in Paul McGillick’s book ’25 Tropical Houses in Singapore and Malaysia.’

Muzi Design is a close-knit team of dedicated and passionate individuals who bring an integrative and contextual approach to every project. The team includes Dawn, Ming Zhou, and Wen Yu.

One of the remarkable aspects of architecture is its ability to provide a fresh start each time, focusing not only on form and space but also on place, time, and timelessness.

Muzi Design Awards and Credentials

Muzi Design holds a notable reputation in the architectural community. The firm has earned a Houzz Badge, indicating recognition and approval from a leading platform in home design and renovation. Additionally, Muzi Design’s work has been saved 100 times in Ideabooks, reflecting the admiration and inspiration their projects provide to users. The firm is also affiliated with the Singapore Institute of Architects, underscoring its professional standing and commitment to architectural excellence.

Services Offered

Muzi Design is committed to delivering a wide array of architectural services designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of their clients. At the core of their offerings is architectural design, where they excel in conceptualizing and creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs. Their meticulous approach extends to detailed architectural drawings, ensuring precise execution of every project.

The firm specializes in crafting custom homes that reflect the individuality and lifestyle of each client. Whether it’s designing from scratch or renovating existing structures, Muzi Design integrates sustainable and energy-efficient practices into their projects, promoting eco-friendly living solutions.

From initial planning stages to final construction, Muzi Design manages every aspect of building design with professionalism and expertise. They are dedicated to realizing their clients’ visions, whether it involves new home constructions, home additions, or the development of comprehensive house plans that align perfectly with functional and aesthetic requirements.

With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, Muzi Design combines creativity and technical proficiency to deliver architectural solutions that surpass expectations. Their commitment to excellence is underscored by their reputation and affiliation with the Singapore Institute of Architects, ensuring that each project benefits from industry-leading standards and practices.

Contact Information

Muzi Design is located at 501 Balestier Road, specifically at unit #02-02A within the Wai Wing Centre in Singapore, with the postal code 329844. They can be reached via email at [email protected] for inquiries, consultations, or any other communication needs. For direct contact via telephone, their number is +65 6255 7565, ensuring swift and efficient communication with their team. Additionally, they maintain a fax line at +65 6255 3897 for the transmission of documents and formal correspondence. These multiple contact avenues highlight Muzi Design’s dedication to accessibility and customer service, reflecting their commitment to meeting client needs in the realm of design and architectural services.

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