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“We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us,” famously remarked Winston Churchill. Lekker comprises a team of designers, architects, and social scientists delving into the profound impact of built environments on human emotions and experiences. Their focus lies in unraveling the potential of spaces to captivate us, to mold pivotal moments, and to serve as vibrant stages for communal life, fostering learning and imagination along the way.

Their endeavors are marked by lofty goals: crafting structures that foster inclusivity, communities that promote walkability and social interaction, and retail spaces that transcend the ordinary, igniting transformative experiences. Through extensive qualitative and quantitative research spanning years, they delve into how built surroundings shape our experiences, well-being, and actions, catering to both public and private clientele. This rich pool of data informs their approach, guiding clients’ aspirations into tangible forms while seeking tangible outcomes that offer valuable insights for future endeavors.

At the helm of Lekker Architects are Ong Ker-Shing and Joshua Comaroff. Ker-Shing, a licensed architect in Singapore, assumes the role of Director within the firm, while Joshua, equipped with architectural expertise, serves as the Design Consultant. Prior to establishing Lekker Architects in 2014, the duo operated under their design consultancy, Lekker Design (now defunct), specializing in interior design, furniture design, retail scenography, and landscape architecture. The body of work showcased on their platform reflects the collaborative efforts of Ker-Shing and Joshua, whether under the banner of Lekker Architects, Lekker Design, or through Ong Ker-Shing’s independent pursuits as a Qualified Person (QP).

Lekker Architects Awards and Credentials

Lekker Architects has garnered prestigious accolades over the years, including the P*DA Design of the Year in 2015 for The Caterpillar’s Cove preschool, the 2020 Singapore Institute of Architects’ Design of the Year for the Quiet Room in the National Museum of Singapore, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Architectural Heritage Award in 2013 for a home and gallery in the Lorong 24A Shophouse Series. Additionally, Ong and Comaroff have been honored with the Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, recognizing their contributions to the field of architecture and design.

On another front, Lanzavecchia + Wai, established in 2010, stands as an internationally acclaimed design studio with bases in Italy and Singapore. Their portfolio spans research projects for Herman Miller, bespoke limited-edition pieces, and mass-produced items for renowned brands such as Zanotta, FIAM, and Living Divani, among others. Noteworthy commissions from esteemed entities like Hermès, MAXXI, and Wallpaper* underscore their versatility and creative prowess. Their achievements include being named “Young Design Talent of the Year” at the Elle Décor International Design Awards 2014, clinching the Archiproducts Design Award, the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2016, and the Innovation in Inclusive Design Practice Award from the Royal College of Art.

Services Offered

Lekker Architects has undertaken a diverse array of projects across various sectors, showcasing their versatility and innovative approach to design. In the realm of education, their portfolio includes projects like Caterpillar’s Cove 2, SP Library Cafe, and the creation of an Inclusive School environment, emphasizing the importance of conducive learning spaces. Their commitment to fostering creativity and exploration is evident in endeavors such as The ArtGround, aimed at promoting artistic expression among the public.

In the sphere of public and the arts, Lekker Architects has contributed significantly with projects like the Arts Festival Village and Discipline the City, demonstrating their ability to merge architectural excellence with cultural vibrancy. The Quiet Room, crafted for the National Museum of Singapore, exemplifies their knack for creating tranquil spaces conducive to reflection and contemplation. Their involvement in events like the Gwangju Biennale further solidifies their standing in the realm of public art and culture.

Residential projects form a significant part of Lekker Architects’ portfolio, with ventures such as the Gallery/House, Artist’s Home and Studio, and Emerald House showcasing their expertise in crafting spaces that harmonize functionality with aesthetic appeal. Their endeavors extend into commercial ventures as well, with projects like Funan Showsuite and Petit h highlighting their ability to create immersive retail experiences that resonate with modern consumers.

Beyond tangible projects, Lekker Architects has also engaged in competitions and conceptual ventures, as seen in initiatives like A Different Class and the Chicago Lakefront Pavilion. Their landscape architecture endeavors, including the design of private cemeteries and memory gardens, underscore their commitment to creating spaces that evoke emotional resonance and connection with nature. With each project, Lekker Architects continues to push the boundaries of architectural innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the built environment.

Contact Information

Situated at 82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-25, Singapore 160082, the office of the company stands as a beacon of their presence and commitment to service excellence. This address serves as a physical hub for operations, embodying the values of accessibility and reliability that the company upholds. For individuals looking to initiate contact or explore opportunities, reaching out via email at [email protected] provides a convenient avenue for correspondence. Alternatively, for direct inquiries or assistance, the company can be contacted through their phone line at +65 6223 4481. These communication channels underscore the company’s dedication to fostering strong connections with clients and stakeholders, ensuring efficient and personalized service delivery. Whether it’s discussing business propositions, addressing concerns, or seeking information, the company stands ready to engage and support its clientele effectively.

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