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LAUD Architects

LAUD’s design philosophy revolves around pushing the boundaries of contemporary design while maintaining a strong focus on innovative solutions. The team delves into various architectural and related disciplines to explore new possibilities, always keeping in mind the creative and appropriate use of technologies, materials, space, and forms. Their approach aims to engage the senses and enhance spatial awareness without compromising on functional requirements. Understanding the influence of social, economic, and environmental factors, LAUD strives to integrate architecture seamlessly into its context. Rather than seeing constraints as limitations, LAUD views them as opportunities to develop unique design features that reflect the project’s surroundings.

The commitment to design at LAUD emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, welcoming input from clients and fellow consultants throughout the entire design and construction process. This collective effort fosters the generation of innovative design solutions that go beyond mere aesthetics to improve the quality of life for users.

LAUD’s approach to architecture extends beyond providing shelter; it seeks to create environments that promote social interaction and a sense of community. Whether designing for institutions, offices, or residences, the aim is to facilitate meaningful exchanges among users, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Environmental harmony is a core principle of LAUD’s design ethos. Each project is carefully tailored to its specific environment, allowing the building to harmonize with its surroundings and adapt to local weather conditions. Whether situated in tropical or temperate climates, LAUD’s designs prioritize climatic sensitivity and contextual integration.

In reinterpreting contemporary tropical architecture, LAUD acknowledges the rich heritage of vernacular structures while embracing modern design principles. Rather than relying heavily on mechanical systems for cooling, LAUD prioritizes passive design strategies to create buildings that respond effectively to their environment. This approach ensures sustainability and resilience while honoring the tropical context.

LAUD Architects Awards and Credentials

Ho Tzu Yin and Melvin HJ Tan were honored with the URA’s 20under45 award, Third Edition, highlighting their contributions to innovative design. Their achievements extend to the prestigious President’s Design Award Singapore, bestowed upon them by the DesignSingapore Council. Notable among their accolades is the 2020 Design of the Year for Sparkletots Preschool by PCF and the 2015 Design of the Year for DECK, both emblematic of their commitment to exceptional design.

Acknowledgment from the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark), awarded by the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS), further underscores their impact. The 2023 Architecture category award for the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing, COM 3, reflects their dedication to architectural excellence tailored to specific environments. Their merit in the Educational and Community Buildings category at the SIA Architectural Design Awards reaffirms their prowess in creating impactful spaces.

Their work has garnered international recognition at events such as the World Architecture Festival and the International Property Awards – Asia Pacific. Finalist nominations in various categories showcase their versatility and innovation, while awards like the BCA BIM Award and BCA Green Mark Award highlight their commitment to sustainability and advanced building practices.

Noteworthy mentions include accolades from the HDB Design Awards and the OUE Artling Pavilion Design Competition. Their consistent excellence has also been acknowledged by the Singapore SME 1000 in 2013, solidifying their position as leading figures in the architectural landscape.

Services Offered

LAUD Architects offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of communities, institutions, commercial ventures, and individual dwellings.

In the realm of community and institutional projects, LAUD has contributed to the development of notable landmarks such as Sparkletots Preschool by PCF, MFS LCCC @ Punggol Drive, and DECK. Their portfolio extends to transformative spaces like Agape Village, Good Shepherd Place, and ACE Community Centre, exemplifying their commitment to creating environments that foster community engagement and growth. Additionally, LAUD has been involved in the design and construction of various places of worship including the Church of the Good Shepherd and Grace Assembly of God, demonstrating sensitivity to spiritual and communal needs.

For commercial and hospitality ventures, LAUD has lent its expertise to projects like Aspial One and the Nha Trang Hotel, showcasing their ability to merge functionality with aesthetic appeal in bustling urban environments. Their involvement in mixed-use developments such as LINQ @ Beauty World underscores their versatility in designing spaces that integrate diverse functionalities seamlessly.

In the residential sector, LAUD has left an indelible mark with projects like Tampines Greenridges and Singa Hills, where innovative design meets the comfort and practicality of modern living. Their expertise extends to single-family dwellings, with projects like Chin Terrace and Frankel Avenue showcasing their ability to tailor designs to individual lifestyles and preferences.

In the industrial domain, LAUD’s contributions to iconic structures like Tiong Seng Building and Philips APAC Center reflect their proficiency in creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing spaces for business and production needs.

Finally, LAUD’s interior design services, exemplified by projects like LVM Law Chambers, demonstrate their ability to enhance functionality and ambiance within existing structures, creating spaces that are both visually stunning and conducive to productivity. With a holistic approach to design, LAUD Architects continues to leave a lasting impact on diverse built environments, enriching communities and enhancing the quality of life for all.

Contact Information

For individuals seeking to engage with LAUD Architects Pte Ltd, a prominent architectural firm based in Singapore, various channels of communication are readily available. Their office, situated at 510 Thomson Road, #02-08 SLF Building, Singapore 298135, serves as a tangible representation of their commitment to excellence in architectural design and consultancy services. Whether it’s exploring collaborative opportunities, discussing project requirements, or seeking expert advice, clients can effortlessly reach out via email at [email protected] or contact them directly through their telephone line at (65) 6259 2122. Additionally, for official documentation or correspondence, a fax facility is also in place, reachable at (65) 6259 1151. These communication avenues not only facilitate seamless interaction but also reflect LAUD Architects’ dedication to client satisfaction and efficient service delivery. Through these channels, clients can expect prompt responses and personalized attention, underscoring the firm’s ethos of professionalism and reliability in the architectural industry.

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