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Established in 2003, the KYOOB architectural firm has witnessed remarkable growth over the years. With a team of over 50 dedicated individuals, the firm has evolved into an acclaimed practice known for its commitment to excellence. Each member shares a common vision characterized by creativity, determination, and a strong work ethic. This collective ethos drives the firm’s pursuit of excellence across all projects undertaken.

At the core of KYOOB’s values lie three pillars: sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity. Embracing sustainability, the firm is committed to designing spaces that not only minimize environmental impact but also inspire and uplift those who inhabit them. This dedication to sustainability ensures a better future for both the planet and its inhabitants.

Innovation is the heartbeat of KYOOB’s design ethos. Constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new technologies, the firm seeks to deliver cutting-edge solutions that marry functionality with aesthetics. Through a culture of experimentation and continual learning, KYOOB strives to create projects that are both visually striking and purposeful.

Inclusivity is deeply ingrained in KYOOB’s approach to architecture. Fostering open communication and collaboration with all stakeholders—be it colleagues, clients, consultants, or the broader community—the firm embraces diverse perspectives. This collaborative spirit allows KYOOB to craft projects that authentically reflect the unique context and aspirations of each site, ensuring inclusivity and relevance in every endeavor.

Kyoob Architects Awards and Credentials

KYOOB’s impressive portfolio of accolades is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence in architectural design. Among their notable achievements are recognitions from prestigious organizations such as the BCI Asia Awards, SIA Architectural Design Awards, FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards, FIABCI-Singapore Property Awards, BCA CONQUAS Awards, Asia Property Awards, LIAS Awards, HDB Design Awards, BCA Green Mark Awards, and BCA Universal Design Mark Awards.

In the realm of architectural excellence, KYOOB has consistently secured positions among the Top 10 Architects in both 2022 and 2023, as recognized by the BCI Asia Awards. Their dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative design solutions has earned them acclaim across various categories. For instance, their project, Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, received the 19th SIA Architecture Design Awards in 2020 in the Interior Architecture Category (Commercial).

Their prowess extends to industrial projects, as evidenced by Primax’s recognition as the World Silver Winner in the Industrial category at the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards in 2018. Similarly, Apex @ Henderson clinched the Winner title in the Industrial category at the FIABCI-Singapore Property Awards in 2016, while Primax secured the same accolade in 2017.

KYOOB’s commitment to quality is further underscored by their success at the BCA CONQUAS Awards, where projects like Kim Keat Beacon earned the prestigious CONQUAS Star Award in 2023. Their expertise in industrial development was also acknowledged by the Asia Property Awards, with Harper Point receiving Regional and Best Industrial Development accolades in 2019.

In addition to architectural achievements, KYOOB’s dedication to sustainable and inclusive design has been recognized by organizations such as LIAS and HDB. Projects like Gaia have received the Gold Award in the Greenwall category at the LIAS Awards in 2015 and the Platinum Award in the Residential category at the BCA Green Mark Awards in 2012.

Their commitment to universal design is evident in projects like Trilive, which garnered the Gold Award in the Residential category at the BCA Universal Design Mark Awards in 2019. These accolades not only affirm KYOOB’s status as a leader in architectural innovation but also highlight their dedication to creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and inclusive.

Services Offered

KYOOB offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at delivering exceptional architectural solutions tailored to their clients’ needs. Their expertise spans across master planning, architecture, interior design, sustainability and environmental planning, health and wellness design, and design communication.

In master planning, KYOOB excels in envisioning the big picture, strategically laying out spaces to optimize functionality and aesthetic appeal. Their architectural prowess extends to designing structures that seamlessly blend form and function, creating iconic landmarks that stand the test of time.

Interior design is another area where KYOOB showcases its creativity and attention to detail. Whether it’s crafting inviting living spaces, inspiring work environments, or dynamic commercial settings, they excel in bringing visions to life through thoughtful interior design solutions.

Sustainability and environmental planning are integral components of KYOOB’s design philosophy. They prioritize eco-conscious practices, incorporating green technologies and materials to minimize environmental impact while maximizing energy efficiency.

In the realm of health and wellness design, KYOOB goes beyond aesthetics to prioritize the well-being of occupants. Their designs promote health and productivity through features that enhance air quality, natural light, and overall comfort.

Effective design communication is key to realizing clients’ visions, and KYOOB excels in this aspect as well. Through clear and concise communication channels, they ensure that clients are actively involved in the design process, resulting in outcomes that exceed expectations.

Overall, KYOOB’s diverse range of services reflects their commitment to delivering holistic architectural solutions that marry innovation, functionality, and sustainability. Whether it’s conceptualizing master plans, designing iconic structures, or crafting inviting interiors, they strive for excellence in every project they undertake.

Contact Information

Located in Singapore, KYOOB Architects Pte Ltd operates from its office situated at 336 Smith Street, New Bridge Centre, #04-306, Singapore 050336. Clients can reach out to them via telephone at +65 6327 7707.

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