KPF is a cohesive architectural firm that specializes in designing buildings of all sizes and types across the globe. They are known for creating landmarks like the tallest skyscrapers and innovative structures. Their primary focus is always on finding the most intelligent solutions for each project, driven by a mindset free from preconceived notions or strict styles.

Their buildings aim to contribute more than just physical spaces to the environment. KPF strives to optimize functionality, enhance urban surroundings, promote sustainability, support commercial success, and create visually striking structures that inspire communities. They collaborate closely with clients to balance these goals, leveraging diverse expertise and multidisciplinary approaches.

KPF operates as a collaborative team of diverse talents, where creativity flourishes through collective effort. Their approach encourages individuals to challenge conventions and explore new ideas, blending the wisdom of experienced architects with the fresh perspectives of younger talents. This dynamic interaction aims to advance both individual projects and the broader practice.

With offices in major cities worldwide, KPF comprises over 600 staff led by 34 principals who ensure a unified vision across their global operations. Regular meetings among principals foster consistency in philosophy and knowledge-sharing. The firm actively exchanges staff between offices to harness expertise from diverse regions, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly on projects and maximize the firm’s collective knowledge base.

Central to KPF’s approach is their collaborative engagement with clients, where they listen attentively to diverse stakeholder needs, including owners, users, and public officials. They employ a comparative method to explore alternative solutions openly, fostering extensive discussion and participation.

At KPF, every project is meticulously crafted from inception to realization, focusing equally on overarching concepts and intricate details. They believe that ambitious designs succeed when they marry creativity with technical precision, resulting in buildings that are both aesthetically beautiful and functionally robust. This commitment to excellence is exemplified in their KPF Making exhibit and the book Design in Detail, showcasing their dedication to architectural craftsmanship.

KPF designs spaces that prioritize the well-being of occupants, integrating elements that enhance physical, cognitive, and social health. Drawing on research and practical experience, they consider every aspect from spatial layout to material choices to create environments that promote wellness on a large scale, from cityscapes to interior settings. Their approach emphasizes harmony between architecture and nature, focusing on air quality, natural light, and accessible green spaces that foster community and connectivity.

Services Offered

KPF provides a comprehensive range of architectural services tailored to diverse project needs:

  • Adaptive Reuse: Transforming existing structures into new, functional spaces that meet modern requirements while preserving historical integrity.
  • Civic + Cultural: Designing landmarks that enrich communities, including museums, theaters, and government buildings.
  • Education: Creating innovative environments for learning, from schools to university campuses.
  • Headquarters: Crafting iconic office spaces that reflect corporate identity and support business operations.
  • Hospitality: Designing hotels and resorts that offer memorable guest experiences and operational efficiency.
  • Interiors: Enhancing interior spaces with thoughtful design solutions that complement the building’s overall aesthetic and functionality.
  • Mixed-Use: Integrating residential, commercial, and recreational components into cohesive urban developments.
  • Office: Creating efficient and inspiring workplaces that foster productivity and employee well-being.
  • Planning + Urban Design: Shaping cities and neighborhoods through master planning and urban design strategies that prioritize sustainability and livability.
  • Public Realm: Enhancing public spaces such as parks, plazas, and streetscapes to promote social interaction and community engagement.
  • Research + Healthcare: Designing specialized facilities for medical research, healthcare delivery, and patient comfort.
  • Residential: Developing residential complexes that combine comfort, aesthetics, and functionality to meet diverse living needs.
  • Retail: Designing retail spaces that attract customers, enhance brand identity, and optimize sales potential.
  • Supertall: Specializing in the design and engineering of exceptionally tall skyscrapers that redefine urban skylines.
  • Transportation: Creating efficient, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing transport hubs and infrastructure.

Each service offering reflects KPF’s commitment to innovative design, sustainability, and client-focused solutions across a broad spectrum of architectural projects.

Contact Information

For general inquiries and various requests, you can reach out to Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) via email at [email protected]. If you’re a member of the press seeking information or media related to their past, current, or upcoming projects, please contact [email protected]. For inquiries regarding new projects, including RFQ/RFP submissions and competition invitations, please direct your emails to [email protected].

If you’re interested in exploring career opportunities at KPF, you can find more information about their openings and application process on their website.

For interactions specific to their Singapore office, located at 18 Robinson Road, #19-02 18 Robinson, Singapore 048547, you can contact them directly at +65 6868 4000. These contact details reflect KPF’s commitment to providing accessible avenues for communication across various aspects of their operations and services.

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