Jacob International Consultants Pte Ltd

Jacob International Consultants Pte Ltd

Jacob International Consultants Pte Ltd

At Jacobs, their mission revolves around enhancing global intelligence, connectivity, and sustainability. Addressing present challenges reflects their proactive approach to the escalating intricacies of the modern world. This approach necessitates collaborative efforts, pooling collective expertise and creativity to revolutionize problem-solving methodologies and pioneer innovative solutions for the future. Jacobs’ commitment extends to redefining tomorrow, encapsulating their dedication to consistently surpassing existing standards. This ethos permeates every aspect of their operations, from fostering collaborative partnerships with clients to fostering an inclusive work environment for their employees. Their impact extends beyond organizational boundaries, as they strive to make meaningful contributions to the communities they serve while delivering tangible value to their stakeholders.

Jacob International Consultants Pte Ltd Awards and Credentials

Jacobs has once again been lauded for its exemplary leadership and accomplishments in environmental and climate change initiatives, securing six prestigious business achievement awards from Environmental Business International (EBI) in 2021. These accolades commend Jacobs’ remarkable performance in sustainable business practices, greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation, climate change adaptation and resilience, climate technology, climate response, and sustainability consulting, as well as its commendable STEAM education program.

Having been a recipient of these annual awards for over a decade, Jacobs continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable solutions and addressing pressing environmental concerns. The recognition from EBI underscores Jacobs’ sustained dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation.

Bob Pragada, President & Chief Operating Officer of Jacobs, emphasized the alignment of these awards with the company’s overarching strategy for the fiscal years 2022-2024. He highlighted Jacobs’ strategic focus on accelerating the development and deployment of distinctive solutions and products in pivotal areas such as Climate Response, Data Solutions, and Consulting & Advisory services. This strategic alignment reinforces Jacobs’ position as a trailblazer in the environmental sector, driving meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future.

The awards were bestowed upon Jacobs at EBI’s Environmental Industry Summit XX held in San Diego, where the company was lauded for its significant contributions towards addressing the planet’s environmental challenges and combating climate change. This recognition serves as a testament to Jacobs’ ongoing efforts to lead by example and make a positive impact on the global environmental landscape.

Services Offered

Jacobs offers a comprehensive range of professional services catering to both government and private sector clients. These services encompass consulting, technical expertise, scientific insights, and efficient project delivery. By leveraging their diverse skill set and extensive experience, Jacobs is equipped to address a wide array of challenges and requirements across various industries and sectors. Whether it’s providing strategic guidance, implementing cutting-edge technologies, conducting in-depth research, or managing complex projects, Jacobs is committed to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and excellence, Jacobs continues to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking reliable and effective professional services.

Contact Information

Located in the vibrant Asia Pacific region, Jacobs operates from its headquarters situated at 32nd & 34th Floors, 150 Beach Road, Singapore, with the postal code 189720. This strategic location serves as a hub for the company’s operations, enabling them to effectively serve clients across various industries and sectors in the Asia Pacific area. Clients can easily reach Jacobs through their contact numbers: Phone: +65 6391.0350 and Fax: +65 6299.4739. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering innovative solutions, Jacobs stands ready to meet the diverse needs of its clients in the region.

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