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Interconsultants Pte Ltd

Interconsultants Pte Ltd

Interconsultants PTE LTD, established in Singapore in July 1994, operates as a consultancy firm with a team of seasoned professionals specializing in architecture, landscaping, interior design, sustainable design, BIM, cost consultancy, due diligence, and project management across a diverse array of sectors including commercial, industrial, institutional, community, recreational, hospitals, and residential projects.

Led by directors Goh Sian Yew, Jeffrey, and Mary Tan, along with Associate Directors and Project Directors, the company boasts extensive experience in architectural, interior design, landscape, and project management realms, as evidenced by their comprehensive portfolios comprising projects executed locally and regionally.

Beyond offering architectural, interior design, landscape, and project management services, Interconsultants Pte Ltd also provides technical due diligence for clients seeking to assess the potential of an asset for enhancement and modernization, thereby increasing its long-term investment value.

Quality consciousness lies at the core of Interconsultants Pte Ltd’s ethos, with a firm commitment to delivering the highest level of service to clients. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified, ensuring the maintenance of rigorous standards in quality management and project administration. Moreover, Interconsultants Pte Ltd remains dedicated to adhering to best practices and complying with statutory and regulatory requirements, thereby assuring clients of utmost reliability and professionalism.

Interconsultants Pte Ltd Awards and Credentials

Interconsultants PTE LTD has garnered several prestigious awards for its exemplary projects, showcasing its commitment to excellence in the construction and architectural realms. Among these accolades include the BCA Construction Excellence Award 2014 for the HDB development at Punggol Central (Punggol Spectra) and the New Primary School at Woodlands Crescent (Riverside Primary School), where the latter received Merit recognition.

Additionally, the company received the HDB Design Award 2013 (Merit) for its work on the HDB development at Punggol Central (Punggol Spectra) and the BCA Construction Excellence Award 2005 (Merit) for the HDB development at Bukit Panjang (Senja Grand), further affirming its prowess in delivering outstanding projects.

Interconsultants PTE LTD’s dedication to architectural heritage preservation has also been acknowledged, as evidenced by its receipt of the URA Architectural Heritage Awards in 2000 for projects such as Gambier Court at Kim Yam Road and 50 Princep Place.

Moreover, the company’s commitment to sustainable design has been recognized through the Green Mark Awards, with notable projects including the HDB development at Punggol Central (Punggol Spectra) and the New Primary School at Woodlands Crescent (Riverside Primary School) being recipients of this esteemed accolade.

These awards serve as testament to Interconsultants PTE LTD’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and innovation in the fields of construction, architecture, and sustainable design.

Services Offered

Interconsultants PTE LTD offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse client needs and project requirements. These services include:

  1. Architectural Design: Interconsultants PTE LTD specializes in architectural design, crafting innovative and functional designs for various project types including commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential developments.
  2. Consultancy Services: The company provides consultancy services encompassing a wide spectrum of expertise, including architecture, interior design, landscape design, sustainable design, BIM, and cost consultancy.
  3. Feasibility Studies: Interconsultants PTE LTD conducts thorough feasibility studies to assess the viability and potential of proposed projects, helping clients make informed decisions regarding project development.
  4. Landscape Design: With a focus on enhancing outdoor spaces, the company offers landscape design services aimed at creating aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environments that harmonize with architectural elements.
  5. Interior Design: Interconsultants PTE LTD specializes in interior design, conceptualizing and executing interior spaces that are functional, aesthetically appealing, and aligned with clients’ preferences and objectives.
  6. Project Management: The company provides comprehensive project management services, overseeing all aspects of project execution from planning and design to construction and completion, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to quality standards.
  7. Due Diligence: Interconsultants PTE LTD conducts thorough due diligence assessments for clients evaluating potential investments or projects, providing expert analysis and recommendations to mitigate risks and maximize returns.

Through its diverse range of services, Interconsultants PTE LTD remains committed to delivering innovative, sustainable, and high-quality solutions that exceed client expectations and contribute to the success of every project undertaken.

Contact Information

Located at 80 Changi Road, #05-18 Centropod @ Changi, Singapore 419715, Interconsultants PTE LTD stands as a beacon of architectural excellence and consultancy services. With a dedicated team of professionals, they offer a suite of specialized services aimed at delivering comprehensive solutions to clients’ diverse needs. From architectural design to consultancy services, including feasibility studies and due diligence assessments, Interconsultants PTE LTD covers a wide spectrum of expertise. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their landscape and interior design offerings, where they blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Moreover, their project management expertise ensures seamless execution from planning to completion, while their meticulous attention to detail guarantees adherence to quality standards. For inquiries, individuals can reach out to Interconsultants PTE LTD via telephone at 6223 7094, fax at 6223 8567, or email at [email protected].

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