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Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd

Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd

Founded in 1967, Architects Team 3 emerged as the successor to the esteemed Malayan Architects Co-partnership, which had its roots in the early 1960s. The company underwent corporatization in 1994 and was officially registered as Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd in August 2006.

Throughout its illustrious five-decade journey, Architects Team 3 has been at the forefront of pioneering design, shaping distinctive architectural landscapes. Among its early accomplishments are landmark structures such as the Jurong Town Hall HQ, Singapore Conference Hall, and the DBS Bank Tower located in Shenton Way. In addition to these, the firm has contributed significantly to the technology sector, with notable projects including industrial designs for leading companies like Apple Computer, Compaq, Seagate, and Hewlett-Packard. Their portfolio extends to the creation of wafer fabrication plants, airport facilities, and the master planning of technology parks and life sciences buildings.

Venturing into environmentally conscious design, Architects Team 3 marked its initial foray into the green arena with the creation of the iconic Marina Barrage situated in the Marina Bay area. This project has garnered widespread acclaim, earning numerous international accolades and the prestigious Green Mark Platinum (Infrastructure) certification, a pioneering achievement in Singapore.

Over the years, Architects Team 3 has remained steadfast in its commitment to a holistic approach in crafting the built environment. Supported by a team of seasoned and dedicated professionals, the company engages comprehensively in all facets of project development, ensuring excellence and innovation at every step.

Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd Awards and Credentials

Throughout its history, Architects Team 3 has been consistently recognized for its excellence and innovation in architecture and design. Among its notable achievements are the numerous awards received for various projects:

In 2014, the firm was honored with the Singapore Good Design Mark Award – Platinum in the category of Space & Architecture for public projects.

The iconic Marina Barrage, completed in 2011, garnered several prestigious accolades including the ULI Award for Excellence: Asia Pacific, the BCA Construction Excellence Award, and the BCA Universal Design Award (Silver). Additionally, the Rolls-Royce Project Red Dot earned the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in the same year.

The Marina Barrage project also received the Design & Engineering Safety Excellence Awards in 2010 and the Grand Conceptor Award for PUB’s Marina Barrage and Reservoir Project in 2009. Furthermore, it was honored with the BCA Green Mark Platinum (Infrastructure) Award in 2009.

Other notable awards include the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award for ICON @ International Business Park in 2009, the ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award for Marina Barrage in 2007, and being named among the Top Ten Market Leaders in Architecture by BCI Asia in 2006 and 2005.

Architects Team 3’s commitment to sustainable design has also been recognized, with projects such as Singapore Biopolis Phase 2 and HP Building at Depot Road receiving the BCA Green Mark Gold Award in 2005.

Furthermore, the firm has been consistently acknowledged for its construction excellence, with awards such as the CIDB Construction Excellence Award for projects like the PWC Building, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, Techview, and Wacker Siltronic Fabs.

These awards underscore Architects Team 3’s dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative, and sustainable architectural solutions across various sectors.

Services Offered

Architects Team 3 offers a comprehensive range of architectural services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

In the commercial and retail sector, the firm provides innovative design solutions aimed at creating functional and visually appealing spaces that enhance the customer experience and drive business success.

For the education and institutional sector, Architects Team 3 specializes in designing educational facilities and institutional buildings that foster learning, collaboration, and innovation.

In healthcare and research, the firm is committed to creating state-of-the-art medical facilities and research centers that prioritize patient care, safety, and scientific advancement.

Architects Team 3 also offers expertise in industrial and logistics architecture, delivering efficient and sustainable design solutions for factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.

With a focus on urban planning and development, the firm provides master planning services aimed at shaping vibrant, sustainable communities and urban environments.

In the residential and hospitality sector, Architects Team 3 designs luxury residences, hotels, resorts, and mixed-use developments that combine comfort, elegance, and functionality.

Finally, in transportation, the firm specializes in the design of transportation hubs, terminals, and infrastructure projects that facilitate connectivity and mobility within urban and regional networks.

Overall, Architects Team 3’s diverse range of services reflects its commitment to delivering innovative, sustainable, and client-focused architectural solutions across various sectors.

Contact Information

Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd, located at Blk 93 Havelock Road, #01-532, Singapore 160093, offers a range of architectural services to clients in Singapore and beyond. For business inquiries, individuals are directed to reach out to [email protected], attention to Chris Vickery (Dr) and Kevin Cheai. Product introductions can be directed to [email protected], with attention to Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd. Job opportunities within the company can be explored by contacting [email protected], directed to the Human Resource Manager. The firm’s contact information also includes telephone number (65) 6467 2233 and fax number (65) 63236885, with further details available on their website at For any additional inquiries or assistance, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the specified contacts for prompt and personalized assistance.

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