AR43 Architects Pte Ltd

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd holds a firm belief in the profound responsibility that accompanies design and architecture, emphasizing the imperative to fulfill the client’s vision while simultaneously honoring the specific attributes of the site and its surrounding environment. This architecture and interior design entity, situated in Singapore, is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions that exalt the distinctive characteristics of each location, resulting in the creation of acclaimed designs. Straying away from any semblance of pretension or rigid stylistic conventions, the architects at AR43 prioritize mindfulness throughout their design process and exhibit careful consideration in their selection of materials.

Renowned as an award-winning architectural design firm in Singapore, AR43 boasts a team of contemporary house design architects whose expertise extends beyond residential projects to encompass commercial, hospitality, and institutional ventures. Each project serves as a fresh challenge for the architects, pushing the boundaries of their creativity while drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience amassed by the company over the years.

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd Awards and Credentials

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd garnered significant recognition for their exceptional work in the field of architecture and design. In 2023, the firm received the prestigious Design for Asia Award for their outstanding contributions. Their commitment to sustainability was further affirmed when they were honored with the Green Mark Platinum certification for the Faculty of Engineering project. The firm’s dedication to excellence is also evident from their accolades such as the SIA Architectural Design Awards in 2010 and the Iconic Award in 2014, solidifying their reputation as leaders in the industry.

Services Offered

AR43 Architects Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse client needs and project scopes. Specializing in residential, commercial, hospitality, institutional, education, and community projects, the firm offers expertise across various sectors. From crafting innovative residential spaces to designing functional and aesthetically pleasing commercial establishments, AR43 Architects ensures meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence in every project they undertake. Their portfolio showcases a diverse array of successful ventures, demonstrating their versatility and proficiency across different sectors of architecture and design.

Contact Information

For inquiries or further information about AR43 Architects Pte Ltd and their services, individuals can reach out via various contact channels. Located at 136 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 229838, the firm welcomes visitors and clients to their physical office. For direct communication, individuals can contact them by phone at T +65 6333 4248 or through email at E [email protected]. Additionally, those interested can explore more about the firm and its portfolio by visiting their website at W AR43 Architects is readily available to address inquiries, discuss projects, and provide assistance to prospective clients and collaborators.

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