In 1967, three young Italian architects founded the studio MMV, laying the groundwork for what would become one of Europe’s largest architectural consortia. Over fifty years later, one of the original founders, Dr. Alfonso Mercurio, continues this legacy through the AMA Group, which creates innovative skyscrapers and residences worldwide. To expand its services, Mercurio Design Lab was established in 2008, led by Dr. Alfonso Mercurio’s son, Massimo Mercurio, an engineer and designer. This new studio, inspired by its predecessor, explores curves and unconventional forms to create avant-garde designs influenced by the vibrancy of Asia.

Based in Rome, AMA Group has formed significant partnerships in the semiconductor industry. Their clients include Texas Instruments, the world’s leading producer of analog technology components; Advanced Micro Devices, the second-largest supplier and notable competitor to Intel in the x86-based microprocessor market; and STMicroelectronics, Europe’s largest semiconductor chip maker. Beyond the semiconductor sector, AMA Group has also contributed to the redevelopment of the Milan Stock Exchange and worked with the French luxury brand Cartier.

AMA GROUP Awards and Credentials

AMA Group has garnered numerous prestigious awards and credentials over the years, showcasing its excellence and innovation in architecture and design. In 2012, the group was honored with the Interarch Laureate at the World Triennal of Architecture. The previous year, they received the Supplier Award, followed by the Gold LEED for New Construction in 2008. Recognized multiple times for their outstanding fabrication, AMA Group won the Top Fab of the Year Award in 2006, 2001, 1997, 1996, and 1994. Their design prowess was also acknowledged with the Housing Competition award in Tripoli in 2005 and the National Prix in 2004.

Further highlighting their achievements, AMA Group was awarded the Premio Internazionale Dedalo Minosse in 2004 and the Prix Solaire Suisse Award in 2003. Their interior design excellence was recognized with the Window Interior Design Award in 2002, the same year they received the BCA Best Buildable Design Award, which they also won in 1999. The AMD Fab 30 Excellence and Supplier Excellence Award, both received in 1996, underscore their industry leadership and commitment to quality. These accolades reflect AMA Group’s continued dedication to pushing the boundaries of architectural and design innovation.

Services Offered

AMA Group offers a comprehensive array of services designed to meet diverse client needs across various sectors. Their expertise in project management ensures that each project is meticulously planned and executed from start to finish. Their architectural services provide innovative and cutting-edge design solutions, while their structural services ensure the stability and integrity of every building.

The group excels in interior design, creating sophisticated and functional spaces that reflect the client’s vision. Their marketing services help promote and position projects effectively in the marketplace. In construction management, AMA Group oversees the construction process to ensure timely and cost-effective completion.

Project financing services support clients in securing the necessary funds to bring their projects to fruition. The group’s urban planning services contribute to the development of well-organized and sustainable communities. Additionally, their facilities management planning services ensure that properties are efficiently maintained and operated, enhancing their long-term value and performance.

Contact Information

A.M. Associates (Singapore) Pte Ltd, also known as AM Architects, is located at 51 Goldhill Plaza, #23-04/07, Singapore 308900. They can be reached by phone at +65 6 4383880 or by fax at +65 6 4383881. For further inquiries, they can be contacted via email at [email protected].

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