aKTa-rchitects, founded in 2001 by Kevin Tan, stands as a prominent design firm based in Singapore, specializing in architectural solutions for various environments. The firm extends its reach globally through its sister practice, aCTa. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, aKTa-rchitects prioritizes meeting the diverse needs of its clients by delivering high-quality designs that resonate with impact and integrity. Their approach encompasses a thorough consideration of factors such as climate, culture, context, technology, and sustainability.

Currently, the firm is actively engaged in developing innovative designs and leading consultancy teams for projects spanning across Asia. Their clientele encompasses a spectrum ranging from individual end-users to commercial developers. aKTa-rchitects prides itself on fostering strong client relationships, where the client’s best interests are always paramount. They believe that fostering open and constructive dialogue is fundamental to their operational ethos.

The portfolio of aKTa-rchitects encompasses a wide array of projects, including custom-designed residences, multi-unit residential complexes, signature office buildings, commercial spaces, retail outlets, mixed-use developments, interior designs, and master planning initiatives.

Diversity is celebrated within the firm, with a team comprising individuals from Europe and various parts of Asia. This eclectic mix of backgrounds enriches the firm’s collective thinking and problem-solving capabilities, offering a broader perspective when tackling projects both domestically and internationally.

This inclusive approach has enabled aKTa-rchitects to leave an indelible mark on the architectural landscape, from crafting luxurious residences in Singapore to contributing to commercial housing endeavors in India. With a track record spanning over two decades, aKTa-rchitects has successfully completed designs for over 5 million square feet of development across Asia.

aKTa-rchitects Awards and Credentials

In addition to triumphs in various private competitions, aKTa-rchitects has garnered significant recognition through several public accolades. Notable among these are the esteemed URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) 2000 Architectural Heritage Award and the BCA (Building and Construction Authority) Construction Excellence 2001 Award, both bestowed upon their project, The Glencaird Residences. The firm’s prowess was further underscored by the SIA Design Award 2006, earned for their exceptional work on four houses at Allamanda Grove. Additionally, Kevin Tan, the visionary behind aKTa-rchitects, was prominently featured in the inaugural Singapore URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) 20 under 40 Exhibition in 2003, solidifying his standing as a distinguished figure in the architectural realm.

Services Offered

The studio’s repertoire encompasses a diverse range of architectural domains, including architecture, interior design, urban planning, master planning, and global ventures.

In the realm of architecture, aKTa-Rchitects showcases its prowess by crafting bespoke residences and iconic headquarters that endure the test of time. Each project is a testament to the studio’s dedication to innovation and excellence.

Their commitment to quality extends seamlessly into interior design, where functionality converges harmoniously with aesthetics. Every interior space conceived by the studio exudes sophistication and practicality.

In urban planning, aKTa-Rchitects embraces a sustainable approach, shaping cities into vibrant and resilient hubs. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that urban environments are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious.

Master planning is approached with a holistic mindset, considering the broader implications of projects on communities and their surroundings. By prioritizing cohesion and sustainability, the studio creates blueprints for thriving and inclusive neighborhoods.

Beyond Singapore, aKTa-Rchitects has made its mark across Asia and Europe, demonstrating adaptability to diverse cultural contexts. Their global ventures are characterized by a deep understanding of local nuances, enabling them to deliver projects that resonate with international audiences.

Contact Information

aKTa-rchitects Pte Ltd, headquartered at 25 Seah Street #05-01, Singapore 188381, stands as a leading architectural firm renowned for its innovative designs and commitment to excellence. Clients can reach out to them via telephone at (65) 6333 4331 or through email at [email protected]. With a focus on creating architectural marvels that endure the test of time, aKTa-rchitects has solidified its presence not only in Singapore but also across Asia and Europe. Their dedication to quality extends seamlessly into every aspect of their work, from architecture and interior design to urban planning and master planning. This holistic approach, coupled with their ability to adapt designs to diverse cultural contexts, has propelled them to international acclaim.

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